Recommended by James McLindon

  • The Ballad of Leslie
    24 Sep. 2021
    This is an utterly charming, whimsical piece full of sharp dialogue about what we need to make it through some days. I only wish the service actually existed.
  • All Things Considered, It Was Probably the Most Productive Meeting The Escondido Unified School District PTA Ever Had
    3 Aug. 2021
    A brilliantly funny absurdist take on the pandemic at its height (or depth) in the context of a Zoom PTA meeting. Great stuff!
  • Filing In The Gaps
    2 Jul. 2021
    This play about long-lost relatives finding each other through DNA testing is more than compelling initially, but the profound turn it takes 2/3 of the way in (that I won't spoil for you here) sets it apart. A great read and well worth a production.
  • DIS/CONNECT - a 10 minute play
    22 Jun. 2021
    This piece is quirky, and sad, and hopeful, and then not, and utterly, always honest. A story you haven't heard before.
    19 May. 2021
    The unexpected twists keep you off balance in a a good way, while the sure dialogue drives the story forward to its surprising conclusion. Unique.
  • Expectations
    17 May. 2021
    A quietly powerful play whose alternating speeches by Charles Dickens and his wife, Kate Dickens, captures structurally his unwillingness to acknowledge his betrayal of her.
  • FAMILY BY NUMBERS Award-winning 10-minute drama
    11 Mar. 2021
    A charming and funny look at the life of one family and indeed the lives of each of us. Exquisitely crafted.
  • Chapter 7: Living in the Future
    26 Feb. 2021
    Wonderfully off-kilter absurdist humor! Enjoy!
  • Thrasher (10 minute excerpt of OFF THE PALISADES PARKWAY)
    25 Feb. 2021
    An effortlessly believable piece that is a wonderful study of a friendship; it leaves you wanting more.
  • B Is For
    22 Feb. 2021
    A wonderful piece about a difficult subject: Smart, sad, funny, brave, and poignant without ever crossing over to sentimentality. Very well done.