Recommended by James McLindon

    10 May. 2024
    This play manages to be a charming and funny delight, despite dealing with the sadness inherent in aging and in caring for the aging. It deserves a lot of productions.
  • The Unexpected Delight of Snow Birds
    6 May. 2024
    An absolutely charming and funny play about grief, long-term relationships, and pigeons.
    29 Mar. 2024
    It's hard to pull off a very quirky, very off-beat play that takes some unexpected twists and turns, biut still lands in a very satisfying place, Scott Mullen has done it in Backseat Driver. Read and enjoy!
    5 Jan. 2024
    What a fun dollop of absurd humor, made all the more enjoyable by its spot-on characterizations of a cat and a dog on a date. This unique comedy deserves a lot of productions.
  • Broker's Holiday
    3 Jan. 2024
    A wonderful concept executed with a triumph of dialogue, Broker's Holiday is also a wicked satire and a whole lot of fun. Read it and produce it.
  • What's Inside The Eiffel Tower Coffee Mug
    14 Nov. 2023
    This play is as wonderful as it is weird, and the fact that I can't really say why is part of what makes it so wonderful. It's perhaps the saddest comedy I've ever read, and yet quite funny, but also profoundly hopeful, too, about the possibility of healing after profound grief. Brilliant.
  • The Decapitation of Thomas Kent
    31 Oct. 2023
    As witty as it is enjoyable, this play introduces Thomas Kent, a delightful invention of a character, engaged in a rather one-sided battle of wits with his prison guard, and proves once again that that the tongue is mightier than the sword. Hope this one sees a lot of productions.
  • The Prodigal Cow (a ten minute play)
    24 Oct. 2023
    A great short comedy starts with a great premise and this has that in spades. Enjoy!
  • On Queue
    24 Oct. 2023
    On Queue is a wonderful piece of absurdist comedy that is laugh-out-loud funny on the page, and probably even better in performance. Hope it gets a lot of them!
  • Pre-War
    7 Sep. 2023
    A delicate, beautiful play that slowly unfolds as two women, separated by background and age, learn how much they have in common, and how they can help each other.