Recommended by Callan Stout

  • and, and, and Isabella Bootlegs
    24 Feb. 2020
    A rugged, wild play that knots and unknots the intergenerational trauma as lived out by four women in the same family. Cooper solidly ties this play to location; tracking place across time, showing the audience a time when Oregon was the frontier, and now, when where it’s not a terrible place to grow up. Cooper’s dialogue shows the texture of these women’s souls.
  • The Glass Piano
    11 Feb. 2020
    The Glass Piano is a play full of images that spark delight and full of shattering heartbreak. This play tells the based on a true story of a Princess who thought she had swallowed a glass piano and the familial turmoil around her. Told whimsically, but with great emotional depth, this is a magical play. I’m so glad I was able to see an early workshop, and that it’s now getting productions.
  • Isle Royale
    2 Feb. 2020
    Keyes elegantly weaves a ghost story through a coming out story, masquerading as a coming of age tale. The ease and casualness of the dialogue lures the audience unsuspectingly to the harrowing ending. Would be so exciting to sit in a dark room with strangers while this play unfolds.
  • May
    19 Jan. 2020
    A beautiful play full of hope in the face of unspeakable tragedy and loss. A young girl wrestles with understanding the violence of the adult world by retreating into the world of nature, only to discover that too is full of sadness, and all we can do is try and make it a little better for those around us. I wanted to wrap the title character into a hug and tell her that everything will be ok. I want to see this performed at an outdoor venue like the Delacorte or Theatricum Botanicum.
    5 Jan. 2020
    This triptych of short plays perfect exemplifies how and why toxic masculinity is bad for men even in spaces that exclude women. This is a cringe-inducing plea for feminism and overthrowing the patriarchy. Hard to read, but so f***ing necessary. I would love to see all of them produced together.
  • The End of Days
    9 Dec. 2019
    A broody, mysterious play about the end of days and the days past the end of a relationship. Full of twists and turns, this two-gander plays out on the whims of the two characters. This play would be great for actors looking to dive into meaty roles.
  • Last Night in Inwood
    1 Dec. 2019
    Sobler deftly transforms the political and economic fears of the millennials into a chosen-family drama about indecision in the face of the apocalypse. This play is tightly focused on the precisely drawn characters yet paints big pictures about the state of the world. So glad to have seen a workshop production.
  • Ada
    9 Nov. 2019
    A disorienting exploration of what it means to be human and how to express feelings we can’t quite access or have words to interpret. Full of surprises and left turns, this play offers exciting opportunities for actors and designers.
  • Hunting BigFoot
    3 Nov. 2019
    American myth making at its best and most delightful. Giacopasi looks deep into the heart of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and finds the narratives that unite us.
    She draws her characters with great care and whimsy, seamlessly integrating this play with their historic timelines and how they’re remembered in our collective American imagination. Giacopasi is my all time favorite underknown playwright! And this is a wonderful play!
  • Outer Banks
    22 Oct. 2019
    A play like the surface of a river; it glimmers, bubbles, twists, and keeps flowing. Outer Banks is a heart felt exploration of loss and the very human denial of loss. I’ve never experienced a play that handles grieving so beautifully.