Recommended by Callan Stout

  • You'll Catch Flies
    21 Oct. 2019
    A fun, juicy, tightly woven play about how people interpret and misinterpret our actions. The phrase “hurt people hurt people” kept coming to mind. But the play is fun and the laughs keep coming. It’s a great modern take on farce, with echos of Molière and Simon.
  • The Grand Illusion Show
    9 Oct. 2019
    I don’t remember when I last read a play where the dialogue popped off the page like this. Each character immediately comes to life with their first line of dialogue. The whole play snaps and crackles and it seduces you to the end. Can’t wait to see it done!
  • ...and a dog named Jesus
    5 Oct. 2019
    A fun weaving together of the unexpected social problems that haunt Seattle underneath the facade of a liberal enclave. Cooper skillfully brings to life unique, complex characters who are trying to hold everything together despite the extreme and often absurd reality they are living in. Tackling the death of print journalism, unemployment, religious exploitation, and the opioid crisis, this play keeps the audience on their toes as it twists and develops, ultimately leading to an explosive ending.
  • Agora
    8 Apr. 2018
    A lyric play deeply grounded in place. Slaney clearly knows the location she writes about and has a deep love for the history of Nova Scotia. The play explores the intertwining of personal history and a place's history following a ghost story trail through the old town and asks if knowing the end of a tale is the same thing as "closure". Slaney weaves a theatrical journey, that recalls images of the ghost-filled ending of 'Our Town'. I would love to see the productions that emerge from this script.
  • Invincible Ones
    30 Oct. 2017
    A lovely play about grief and strength, and the people you need around you to make it through the tough days. Samantha beautifully portrays vulnerable moments of bad-ass women.
  • A List of Some Shit I've Killed
    30 Oct. 2017
    A funny, fast-paced look at the events that started the Trojan war told in modern, profane language. This play has the best start to any short play!
  • September Gurls
    30 Oct. 2017
    A beautiful weaving of the many lives of a friendship between two women. This play creates the whole world through the relationship of two women as they grow out, and explores the many worlds they inhabit together. A stunning play for two strong female actors to shine.
  • a dollZes hoUse
    30 Oct. 2017
    This play does a deep dive into Ibsen's A Doll's House, feminism, fairytales, dictatorships, the self-help industry, and endless war, with a brief nod to Euripides' The Bacchae. Becca has created a clever skewering of the modern standards to which we hold women, a dismantling of historic gender expectations, and a call to action for future (current) women.
    30 Oct. 2017
    A zany, brutal look at the intensity of young woman pursuing their goals to the point of self-destruction. Thin Mints dives into a scout troops' yearly weekend at sleep-away camp, and the relentless competition between the young women to become the campfire choral leader, no matter the cost to the rest of the troop.
  • Hags, Mopes, and the End of All Existence
    30 Oct. 2017
    An absurdist play full of heart about staying in love in old age and facing the end of the world. Jen's writing is all at once whimsical, honest, and surreal. She captures the small disappointments of old age in an intensely human way, and the joy even a small amount of hope can bring, especially when you're starring out at the end of the world.