Chris Vanderark

Chris Vanderark

Playwright/Producer in Chicago, IL.
Dark Comedies with hints of Genre-fuckery from a Queer Lens.

Flexible Casting / Flexible Scripts

Quick Pacing | Minimalist | Borderline Absurd


  • Minutes and Seconds
    The Sun shuts off and a family prepares for their deaths.
    But one revealed secret unravels decades long baggage that must be dealt with before they freeze to death.

    Dark Comedy | Tragedy | Problem Play

    Key Words: Queer Characters, Apocalypse, Non Linear

  • Plastic Love
    A collection of documents on a similar theme.
    Note: In a vignette, if the character name is in all caps (e.g., CHARLIE), this character is a machine.

    Dark Comedy | Genre Experimentation | Sci Fi

    Key Words: Technology, Queer Relationships, Ethics
  • see through (several versions of the same people)
    A medical emergency prompts a woman to volunteer her husband for an experimental procedure. The unexpected repercussions of this decision haunt her for the rest of her life.

    Sci Fi | Tragedy | Experimental

    Key Words: Mind Uploading, Homophobia, Technology, Ethics
  • Catherine Forever (the parasite)
    Sometimes when you're at rock bottom, the only way to find stability is to hurt the people around you.
    And that's exactly what Catherine does.

    Comedy | Queer | Surreal

    Key Words: Bullet-Paced, Theatrical, Poverty, Doubling
  • Mavis (the voyeur's comedy)
    The power goes out, it's hot as fuck, and Paul/Joanna have their biggest fight yet in front of their guests (again).

    Dark Comedy | Real Time | Character Study

    Key Words: Chicago, Dependency, Voyeurism/Exhibitionism
  • Mouthpiece
    Judith says she's the mouthpiece of God. But Judith is lying.
    And she'll do anything to keep the lie going - - even if it means hiring a hitman.

    Dark Comedy | Horror | Queer

    Key Words: Weaponized Religion, Manipulation, Non Traditional Casting