Recommended by Rachel Bykowski

    2 May. 2021
    A timely, bold play that demands your attention. The intense story analyzes the complexities of cultural identity while balancing truthful stories of violence and aggression immigrants face as they attempt to call the United States home.
  • The Baseball Gods
    2 May. 2021
    A heartbreaking story of friendship as the audience watches two friends grow and bond over the game of baseball. As their pitches get stronger and harder, the life lessons and trauma they face develop as well. They learn to cope with adolescence, family, life while dreaming of making it the Majors.
  • A Series of Inelastic Collisions
    24 Apr. 2021
    An intricate play that weaves together grieve, politics, trauma, and family. Carabatsos asks difficult questions many of us face today since the 2016 election. How do we rebuild? Can we rebuild? What pieces are worth saving?
  • En Las Sombras
    1 Mar. 2021
    A beautiful feat of storytelling. A captivating story of family, adventure, and the bond of siblings that cannot be broken. Ramirez Puckett brings a myth to life to speak to truth to the current state of the world and those who seek a better life for their children.
  • Why Are You Like This? (The Audience Services Play)
    28 Feb. 2021
    Bohannon writes an amazing cast of characters who are just trying to earn a living while navigating the never ending cycle of a call center. I watched through the character of Max's eyes contend with the relentless entitlement, privilege, and arrogance of the world flooding through their headset. A hilariously, refreshing reminder that the customer is not always fact, they are usually never right.
  • The Care and Feeding of Small Animals
    15 Feb. 2021
    A timely, necessary play that dares to venture into the unknown future of a world (our world) in the brink of collapse. Audiences watch the creation of friendship and love attempt to survive a dystopian future and dare question their creators’ purpose and define their own destinies.
  • This Bitch: Esta Sangre Quiero
    10 Feb. 2021
    A wildly funny adaptation that truly embraces the balance of 1600s comedy structure and Gen Z vibes. The play’s self awareness only lends itself to the endless comedy of errors. Never thought a person could bring soliloquies into the 21st century, but Dawes’s creative use of Instagram is only one of the many creative updates showcased in this comedy.
  • Teen Dad
    21 Nov. 2020
    Enjoyed a virtual reading of Teen Dad with Inkwell Theater and found that once again Dawes showcases her talent to write dynamic, extremely developed characters with complex stories that are well balanced with humor. This family drama is a refreshing tale for the stage with characters any actor would find exciting to play.
  • To Saints and Stars
    13 Sep. 2020
    An inspiring play that attempts to untangle the knot of friendship, family, and core beliefs. The characters of Zoe and Sofia are both forces to be reckoned with as the play reveals not only their goals for careers, religion, and science but their vulnerabilities and secrets that made their friendship more like family.
  • good friday
    22 Jun. 2020
    Gripping play that tears down academia's pristine legacy to reveal its violent core decorated by the broken and busied bodies it tries to leave behind. Colón's ferociously vivid writing is the wake-up call we need.