Recommended by Carol Lashof

  • Conversations About an Empty Suit
    17 Mar. 2020
    Laced with humor and rich with wisdom, "Conversations" is an ideal play for your local storefront theater! Not only mid-life theater artists, but anyone who has ever second-guessed their choices will relate to Abby. Indeed, all four characters are very engaging and will be fun for actors to portray and audiences to watch.
  • Body Beautiful
    1 Oct. 2019
    BODY BEAUTIFUL tells a brave, often funny, and always compelling story about loyalties tested and trust stretched to the breaking point. Playwright Leigh Curran has created a fascinating quartet of characters, each driven by fears and desires that anyone can relate to and yet each unique in their circumstances and identity. I found myself rooting for them all - even when they made questionable choices and even when their objectives were at odds. Great roles for actors!
  • The Lady Scribblers
    22 Oct. 2018
    Goldhaber has pulled off the extraordinary feat of writing a new play which reads like an authentic Restoration comedy. Replete with highly theatrical shenanigans, comic sexual innuendo, and spirited plot twists, Lady Scribblers sheds feminist light on 17th century theater history but does not feel like a history lesson. It would be lots of fun to perform and to watch.
  • Rose in America
    28 Sep. 2018
    I saw this play at AlterTheater where it was developed and first produced. It's provocative, original, entertaining, and highly theatrical. The characters are intriguing, the issues are significant, and the dialogue zings.
  • Woman on Fire
    23 Apr. 2018
    Inspired by the classical Greek tale of Antigone and set along the Arizona/Mexico border, Woman on Fire portrays a woman torn by conflicting loyalties. It’s a powerful drama, beautifully written and urgently relevant, combining the poetry and clarity of mythology with the immediacy of current headlines. The playwright has taken characters whose stories are often marginalized and moved them center stage to tell a complex story, exposing deep cultural questions about national and personal identity. Features great roles for actors (3 Latina, 1 white male)!
  • Jane: Abortion and the Underground
    10 Mar. 2017
    Intense and compelling, JANE documents the struggle for reproductive rights in the years immediately before the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v Wade. It interweaves powerfully authentic monologues with equally powerful dramatic scenes to tell an extraordinary story. Kamen honors the courage of the "Jane" collective and brings their achievements to light. At the same time, she resists glamorizing the women and the work they did as abortion providers. JANE inspires and, in 2017, it also terrifies.