Recommended by Eric Mansfield

  • Feeling Devilish
    13 Nov. 2022
    Don Baker has crafted a short-yet-intricate play on words that is sure to make even someone reading it laugh out loud. A date with the devil? Well, if Roger can use Tinder, why not a demon from hell? if you've ever wondered how much fun and creativity you can create in just a few pages, just watch what Don does with these two characters. This would be a show stopper in a short play festival, so take a few minutes and read his amazing work. There will be "hell to pay" if you don't! lol.
  • There Are No Closets in My Classroom
    22 Jun. 2022
    'No Closets' reminds us all that teachers have thoughts. Deep thoughts. About their students and what they're going through in their development. Teachers are rarely allowed to really share their opinions let alone compare kids from their early teaching days to their modern classrooms. At least, they can't do it out loud. In 'No Closets,' Nora Louise Syran allows an actor the emotional to strip away the straight jackets that keep teachers from having real dialogue about the uncertainty they're seeing in the classroom while maintaining big government's hold on teachers who dare to be so brave.
  • Suburban Buffalo Sighting - Monologue
    5 Apr. 2022
    A fun ride for an actress to inhabit. Would love to see Elisabeth's work performed because this short performance has a lot to love.
  • The Ocean Breathes Salty
    9 Feb. 2022
    David Hansen is a master at planting important facts among subtle character interactions, which forces the audience to pay attention to the subtext. This story will have audience members guessing what will come next while still processing the moments they just witnessed. The short, delicate scenes of this drama lead up to an ending that will have us all looking for a bunny to save.
  • Things Needing Explanation
    8 Jan. 2022
    Julia Fisher delivers a tender-yet-compelling drama that connects well with the audience members who will feel themselves flashing back to their own conversations with a grandparent. The plot's joy comes not in the twist that the audience can feel coming, but that the twist is much, MUCH more satisfying than first foreshadowed. If performed well, the audience will certainly not be able to look away until the final moments. This story is sneaky good and so well written!
  • By The Roadside
    3 Oct. 2021
    Rebecca Holbourn crafts a moment that all audience members have been through -- who is the last person to turn away when it's time to say goodbye? It's not just the timing of the turn, it's the emotions that come with it, and this short interaction tells a much longer story through the characters' moments of silence than many others do through their words.
  • To Change a Tampon: How It Is, and How It Should Be
    29 Sep. 2021
    I like plays that cause the audience to discuss the play's topics long after the curtain has come down, and Emily has done exactly that with this script. I almost feel like the title gives away some of the play's message, but even though the audience knows what's coming (to some extent), they'll still be unable to look away as the plot plays out. Well crafted and worthy of not just reading but of also be optioned for a performance.
  • Whiteboard (short play)
    19 Sep. 2021
    David Hansen crafts a thought-provoking journey through the unwinnable position so many teachers find themselves in today. What is the best way to deal with hate when the whole class is watching? What will be the best short-term solution? What about the long-term lesson? Take a moment and latch on to this monologue that will give you something to think about long after you've logged off newplayexchance.
    4 Aug. 2021
    Alex Moon crafts a simmering dual conversation that takes the audience along for a collision of ideologies, generations, and wounds from a group of people all harboring deep pain. As an Iraq veteran, I appreciate the approach and that the conclusion is open-ended. Should lead to deep conversations from the audience once the final lines are spoken.
  • Running in Circles Screaming
    29 Jul. 2021
    Jeni Mahoney writes a compelling interaction between two young mothers that swells and pays off in the end in an engaging way that will make most parents in the audience stop and think. Her characters are layered, and this script would set up actors to make great storytelling choices that would indeed make this a memorable production. Enjoyed it greatly.