Recommended by Aly Kantor

  • One Night In September
    13 Jul. 2024
    This brave, important play is going to mean so much to the many, many (too many) girls who have experienced assault on college campuses—particularly queer girls, who don't always see themselves in stories like these. The piece does a phenomenal job putting the audience in Maya's headspace using the appearance of the character Brendan - even just the sight of him crossing the stage without any lines was enough to elicit a paranoid jumpscare. Meanwhile, the play does a great job of balancing the real responses victims encounter - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Moving, inspiring work.
    13 Jul. 2024
    This fascinating two-hander presents mental illness in a way I've never seen it presented before: as an embodied "roommate" in the protagonist's mind - a codependent friend they need space from in order to thrive. It's brutally honest, depicting the fear of departing from a familiar norm, even when you know it's ultimately for the best. There is plenty of room for thrilling yet simple theatrical magic in the staging and design choices. Ultimately, audiences will be engaged from the start as they piece together the circumstances. This is an empathic short with a lot of heart!
    13 Jul. 2024
    This is such a cathartic play, absolutely loaded with unique, specific characters whose distinct characteristics make them painfully relatable. It's a tight, brilliant look at how ignorance leads to othering, even - and especially - among those who are most like you. Though the piece is ostensibly about grief, it's also sharp and funny, maintaining a subtlety that makes the characters feel real and nuanced. Neurodivergent audience members will see themselves in this fractured family, and allistics (or those in denial, like Cali) will come to understand an alternate way of seeing and being in the world.
  • The Well
    13 Jul. 2024
    Nothing brings out honesty quite like a promise of the end of the world, and confession flows as freely as the $400 wine in this tender one-act. The two characters at the story's center feel incredibly rich and lived-in, making it so easy to become invested in their story-that-could-have-been. As a result, the stunning reversal comes as a surprising, moving relief. This is a play that asks, "What wonderful things are you missing out on because of fear?" - and makes you want to act before you have something to REALLY be afraid of! Really lovely!
  • Covidnado
    5 Jul. 2024
    Truth is stranger than fiction in this absurd and honest COVID-era play. Avery does a great job balancing what the characters know and what the audience knows to create a consistent sense of both tension and curiosity that makes the play feel both urgent and dynamic. Our hero, Emily, is almost a Mary Poppins figure, appearing just long enough to shake things up and call attention to some dangerous hypocrisy. As a COVID-era educator, I can attest to the honesty and chaos depicted in this play. Not only that, but it's funny, with significant, challenging roles for young women!
  • The Shady Lady: A Robust Blend of Privilege, Influence, and White Collar Crime
    22 Jun. 2024
    Oh, the things well-meaning people will go along with to maintain a fragile sense of security in a world LITERALLY buried in garbage! I ADORE this cast of quirky, recognizable women who are keeping the terrible man at the center of this scandal afloat. The circumstances are silly, but the personal stakes are consistently high. Easily staged in a single conference room, the hilarious sight gags and physical comedy keep things dynamic! This quick-moving play never pauses for a second... just when you think it has, things somehow escalate AGAIN! A timely workplace comedy with fantastic comedic roles for women!
  • Look Away
    22 Jun. 2024
    This educational piece illuminates a little-known slice of history and makes it incredibly accessible! It could be performed efficiently and effectively by a traveling educational theatre troupe as on-site interpretive theatre, or the roles shared by Actor 1 and Actor 2 could be split to accommodate a larger cast of student performers. Structurally, this play is a wonderful collage of primary sources, including direct quotes, letters, and even music, lending texture and credibility. It was clearly meticulously researched! During a moment of widespread anti-semitism in America, this piece could start and guide important conversations.
  • The Shill
    22 Jun. 2024
    In this play about a future in which humanity is on the menu, an absurd premise meets humor so cleverly corny you'll groan out loud. It's filled with surprisingly prescient and sharp observations about the world we currently inhabit. This play poses a moral dilemma that will have you switching sides page by page. Our protagonist, Mike, is certainly a shill - and you'll probably relate to him, and you'll probably be mad about it. Too ridiculous for words and too plausible for comfort, this brilliant blend of comedy and sci-fi is DELICIOUS!
    22 Jun. 2024
    This is a specific but broadly relatable story about a woman forced to return home and face the world she left behind - but, as she puts it in her final monologue, mildew has a way of getting into memories, and things aren't how she left them. The characters and situations were well-drawn and relatable, and I loved the use of light throughout the piece, which almost functioned as a character. There is such a strong sense that what we see on stage is only a glimpse of this community, which feels so rich and well-lived in.
  • Chagutok
    21 Jun. 2024
    While these quirky, flawed characters may initially be hard to love, I'll be damned if I didn't care about them all by the end of the play! This play has eerie ambiance, a clever expository device, and multiple driving mysteries, ranging from the scientific to the supernatural, which kept me engaged and questioning throughout... and I LOVE that there are enough little clues and hints that I was rewarded for paying attention! I love the gorgeous message that grief is what love looks like divorced from time. I laughed (really), I cried (really), I gasped (really). A truly rewarding read!