Emmy Kuperschmid

Emmy Kuperschmid

Emmy Kuperschmid is an NYC-based theater artist on a mission to tell stories that make people feel less alone. A friend once described her work as "cutesy, but hella deep". National Theater Institute and Skidmore College alum.


  • comment below
    Kitty is a fifteen year old girl who, after being uprooted in the middle of the year, finds comfort and control in vlogging and the internet. But as her viewers increase, so do her mother's stage-mom tendencies--and what happens when Kitty makes a real life friend who wants to be in a video with her?
  • Wings
    Sometimes we think things that aren't true. Sometimes we think things that are true. Sometimes we try to think our way out of true things. A monologue inspired by monsters and self-help books.

    Collected in the anthology Evil Genius: Monsters on Stage, edited by Michael Dixon with an introduction by Julie Taymor.
  • Unmarried Man
    WJRX, Springfield's local TV station, is presenting their one-night, primetime special. Tune into UNMARRIED MAN and watch our hometown hunk find local love. But can true love really be found on primetime television? UNMARRIED MAN is a fun, female-driven parody of The Bachelor. Co-written with Alice Nora.
  • Zoom Zoom I'm in Love!
    A short post-lockdown zoom play about friendship and aliens and falling in love on the subway. Designed to be performed virtually.

    Developed during Playdate Theatre’s New Work Development Conference.
  • Blood Countess
    Blood Countess is a short play about Elisabeth Bathory, a Hungarian Countess accused of being a serial killer who bathed in the blood of her victims. Rather than depicting the murders, Blood Countess uses Brechtian and film noir techniques to explore the aftermath. Did Elisabeth truly kill these girls, and if so, why? And how does her being a woman, a widow, and a figure of power figure into it?