Recommended by Lisa B. Thompson

  • Address the Body!
    29 Aug. 2023
    Address the Body! is a brilliant examination of the troubled racial legacies of US colleges and universities. It's full of wit and wisdom. Zach Ezer is one to watch!
  • The Stories of Us
    18 Jul. 2021
    "The Stories of Us" is a beautiful, heartfelt and joyful examination of the challenges and deep connection between African Americans, Latinos, and Afro-Latinos. In a series of vignettes Jelisa Jay Robinson reveals hidden stories that must be shared so that these communities can come together in a powerful and necessary ways. Great for young adults and older people.
  • School Girls; Or The African Mean Girls Play
    5 Feb. 2020
    Witty, comedic and full of heart. What a brilliant and endearing play!
  • A Hard Choice
    5 Feb. 2020
    Ms. Hill has written an excellent drama for educational settings for children from 5-9th grade. The characters are believable and endearing. "A Hard Choice" honestly examines how young people navigate bullying and illustrates how they can make good choices.