Recommended by Lindsay Adams

  • Beldam & Gaffer
    25 Feb. 2019
    Sharp Beckettian banter meets beautiful, humanist storytelling in this short play. This hits home for anyone who has known someone with dementia or Alzheimers. Soltero-Brown perfectly navigates the balance of heart-warming and soul-crushing, finding something both painful and lovely in their experience.
  • What Screams I Hear Are Mine
    24 Dec. 2018
    A remarkable, brutal, beautiful play. This play tackles topics and engages with characters that aren't often presented onstage, much less presented with such skill and nuance. Cain never shies away from the complicated or ugly, but because of the honesty of her work and the deep flaws of her characters, they are all the more relatable and engaging to watch. Read. This. Now.
  • The Thought Doesn't Count
    2 Oct. 2018
    Heartbreaking. Hilarious. Human. Honest.

    This is one of the best ten-minute plays I have had the good luck to experience. Read it right now.
  • The Drumhellers of Bloody Dick Creek
    2 Oct. 2018
    A staggering, taut family drama that takes the audience on a journey through time. It is incredible how much story is told in ten minutes in this darkly comic and wonderfully grotesque play. The moment you think you know where this story is going, it gets you with a gut punch ending. Give this a read!
  • Dirt
    2 Oct. 2018
    A wonderful, atmospheric play about two people whose history goes a lot deeper than the audience ever expected. This is a twisty, turny thriller in the Southern Gothic tradition. Give this one a read!
  • Some Specter
    2 Oct. 2018
    A charming, touching, hilarious riff on the boy detective tales we know and love. This play deals with two hurting people finding a way to come together in grief, and it proves once and for all that friends that solve mysteries together, stay together.
  • A Clean Break
    16 Aug. 2018
    A lovely character study of nurses who are just trying to make it through another day at a hospital. Sullivan does a great job of capturing the relationships of these women through the liminal moments of changing over shifts.
  • Wake Up Music!
    21 Jul. 2018
    Structured like an album on shuffle, this play puts the past, the present, and the future on a collision course. This is the kind of work that needs to be produced. It is one of the smartest plays I've read recently. Infusing her story with hip-hop and lyricism, Watson deftly tackles issues of race and police brutality that are both age old and contemporary. The characters are engaging and flawed and wonderful. The play moves with a wonderful athleticism and the ending hits you with a punch to the gut.
  • A Firework Unexploded
    6 May. 2018
    A truly lovely moment in two people's lives. The way the words fall over each other in a perfect confusion of feeling when the characters try and fail to express themselves is wonderful. This play leaves you making up your own stories where the characters go next.
  • Portrait of a Woman's Tears
    6 May. 2018
    A sharp look at motherhood, mental illness, and the effect on women when others make them bear all of the emotional burden. None of that sounds particularly funny, but this play deals with all of it with a wonderfully clever sense of humor.