Recommended by Kyle J. McCloskey

  • Overwinter
    29 Mar. 2023
    A wildly imaginative play about mortality and possibility! Expansive questions are posed with a subtle, yet beautiful theatricality. I must echo fellow recommenders on Kirkman's bold stage directions acting as both witness to the truth of the play and compelling narrator. An excellent new play.
  • The Rockefeller Special - FULL LENGTH
    28 Feb. 2023
    A bombastic, fuck-tastic takedown of the Patron Saint of Capitalism. Ryan doesn't let up for a second, crafting a mirage of muck stuffed with pocket oil, Teddy Roosevelt, and cheese (sweet glorious cheese). Fast, loose, and ugly, I can't wait to see this play performed.
  • Selkie
    4 Aug. 2022
    Dark and enthralling, this play is a wonderful modernization of the Selkie and its possibilities. I for one would like a Selkie Chorus in every play. great characters that allow folks to sink and swim in a fantastical yet grounded modernization.
    30 Mar. 2022
    An extraordinary look at a corroded, yet familiar Art Instituion. Femia swirls delicate, painful truths through rich dialogue and excruciating confrontation. An essential play for the moment, please please please produce this play.
  • Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue
    10 Mar. 2022
    An extraordinary play about white supremacy, complicity, language, and evolution of violence, Alanna crafts a time and space bending play PERFECT for the moment. This is one of the funniest plays I’ve ever encountered and I implore you all to give this wildly theatrical story the respect (and productions) it deserves. Produce this play!
  • Paint Thinner
    26 Feb. 2022
    Jacob continues to prove he is a master of character and evocative language. A wonderfully bold mosaic of a young person in crisis, I can't recommend this play more. Jacob is a writer that deserves to be felt, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read his play!!!!
  • I Build Giants
    26 Feb. 2022
    MECHS!!!!! THE WAR PROLIFERATION OF THE TECHNOLOGY SECTOR!!!!!! QUESTIONS OF NATIONALISM!!!!! I mean genuinely what else more could you want? I am so excited to see this in person but will settle for the EXCELLENT audio recording on Spotify. Read and produce this play!!!!
  • rosaline
    26 Feb. 2022
    A lovely meditation of grief, this is a wonderful play for TYA audiences and adults alike. Never shying away from the horror of adolescent loss, instead, it offers compassion and grace to characters often excluded from these spaces. I would recommend this play especially to any young folk looking for dynamic, well-crafted monologues. A triumph.
  • The Last Living Gun
    26 Feb. 2022
    This play fucking WHIPS!!! An astonishing entry into the "Western" genre, Ryan creates a magnetic epic about American Exceptionalism and our fetishization of violence. I wish I had all the money in the world to give this play the magnificent production it deserves, but also it doesn't need it. THE SCRIPT IS THAT GOOD!!! Produce this play!!!!
  • a home what howls (or the house what was ravine)
    26 Feb. 2022
    A magnificent exploration into the ongoing colonial expansion project of Southern California, Matthew creates a lush world inhabited by bold characters and rich themes. This play is a robust, poetic letter to those erased by colonial expansion of the modern world. Read this Play. Produce this play. Celebrate the artistic achievement that is this play.