Recommended by Judd Lear Silverman

  • Marianas Trench (Part One of The Second World Trilogy)
    19 Jun. 2022
    Moving and sensitively written, Sickles both diagnoses the problems our era faces and suggests the care and tenderness with which we must fight them. Powerful theater that plays beautifully.
  • The Age of Understanding or, The Character of Dad
    9 Mar. 2020
    Beautifully observed, truthfully written, it speaks to all of us as it examines how our past stays with us even as we aim to move forward. It's not that our history will ever leave us, but we get to determine how we move forward. A lovely and direct piece, eminently involving and relatable.
    15 Apr. 2019
    Powerful piece of writing that speaks not only to our history and the mistakes of white privilege but also to today and the very sense of how we view ourselves, what we allow for ourselves, and what we do to ourselves in hopes for a better life for future generations. Three wonderful roles for three terrific actresses of color.
  • The Boy on the Beach
    13 Aug. 2018
    Poetic, sensuous, and seductive, THE BOY ON THE BEACH is not a coming-of-age play at all--or is it? Our expectations whirl and revolve as three sensuous young women surround a sleeping teenage boy on the beach and debate who should be the administrator of his first kiss. But are they real women or are they representative of myth-like sirens? Or are they part of the boy's dream? Who leads and who gets to follow? This is definitely a "warm-weather" play, as it oozes the sense and possibilities of summer. Would love to see this on stage.
  • Friday Nights at the Food Court
    23 Jul. 2017
    Great fun! On a Friday night in a small town, teen angst runs amok as a group of kids discover who they really are and how they feel about the friends they hang with. Smart, well-observed writing combines with strong staging possibilities to create a memorable night where lives may change forever.