Recommended by Christopher G. Smith

  • Capriccio Radio
    24 Jan. 2021
    In the ever changing landscape of broadcast radio, Larry Rinkel turns the dial to "Capriccio Radio", a classical radio station with a disappearing market. The station and its staff strive on to keep the music playing while battling the commercial demands of new corporate management. "Capriccio Radio" tells the importance of art verses capital and music verses the noise. This play is populated with articulate characters that can explain their passion and help the audience understand why it’s important to keep one small voice speaking to us in the swirl of modern life.
  • Everyone and Their Mother
    17 Jan. 2021
    I had the pleasure of seeing this play at the Playhouse on the Square New Works @ The Works Festival.

    What happens to the adult children when a mother decides to "live her truth"? It involves much more than just a scramble for someone to watch their kids. The changing world in this comedy challenges her children to rethink their relationship with mother and each other as they watch this empty nester open her wings to fly again. A fun comedy with much to think about.
  • SWEETMEAT & ROTGUT (or, "TWO WOMEN IN THE LAND OF PURE DELIGHT") , (a "sweeping, magical tale" of the New Old West -Williamstown Festival)
    13 Nov. 2020
    Oregon Dramatist Guild presented a beautiful reading of Sweetmeat and Rotgut by Paul K. Smith. This wonderfully lyrical piece paints a picture of Texas and its people. Words flow from the characters in the rhythmic patterns of a Texas drawl that wash over the audience in a way that brings you into the landscape. The distance between Betty, a Texas native and Karen a seductive beauty from Miami is so much more than miles and culture. Through them we explore larger themes of love, loss, desire and belonging. A tug of war of the heart written with deep feeling.
  • Marianas Trench (Part One of The Second World Trilogy)
    24 Jun. 2020
    The Portland Stage provided a very engaging reading of Marianas Trench, which I had the pleasure of seeing. Scott Sickles dystopian universe is a place not so far from our own, where we find ourselves rooting for two boys who long for one of life’s simplest pleasures, friendship and connection. Wonderfully drawn characters and a plot that holds you, Marianas Trench is a play we want to see.