Recommended by Bernardo Cubria

  • How It's Gon' Be
    8 Oct. 2023
    A beautiful play about family and about the words we choose to say to one another and the ones we don't. I want this play done all over the country. This is exactly the kind of play the American Theatre purports to want to produce in its mission statements... so step up. This is a great american play.
  • Revenge Porn or the Story of a Body
    30 Sep. 2022
    One of the best plays of the last 10 years. This play is about very nuanced people who are learning to forgive and understand a terrible act taken by someone they love. This play is never what you expect it to be and keep surprising you at every turn, should be done all over the country.
  • The Caregiver's Guide
    4 Dec. 2021
    Jami Brandli is #playwrightgoals. This play is so funny and then punches you in the gut hard. If you have ever dealt with Alzheimer's in any personal way prepare to cry and laugh a lot. Love this family play and hope all you fools produce it soon
    3 Dec. 2021
    Aja Houston doesn't write four people in a living room talking about "issues" She is a world builder. She writes plays that are meant for the stage. This play is a wonderful metaphor. It also gets to the core of the human condition while saying so much about our present. I hope more plays like this get done more often! Read and produce this play please!
  • Here Comes The Night
    29 Nov. 2021
    A wonderful two hander that is much more a story about friendship than it is an "issue play."It tackles friendship in the age of social media with humor and heart. I love this play and it has one of the most beautiful quiet scenes in theatre. Think this play should be done all over the country.
    5 Nov. 2021
    What can I say: this play both moved me to tears and also made me so jealous of Jennifer's talent. There are few playwrights alive who write with such poetry and ease and grace. I mean the lap pool monologue alone should be taught in playwriting courses all around the world. This is a beautiful and honest play about relationships that offers way more insight than Love Letters. This is human condition stuff here. I love this piece and hope to see it on many stages around the country soon.
  • Sunrise Coven
    6 May. 2021
    This is such a wonderful piece. It starts off very slice of life in a small town in Texas and then is overtaken by magic. A story about how we need community and something to believe in and the power of all that. I hope to see this play and it's magic on a stage soon!
  • the shooters of an american president
    29 May. 2020
    A wonderful character study about how everyday citizens can vilify and hold up our leaders. This play is filled with tension and suspense and doesn't let up until the very end. It also takes a piece of well known American history and forces you to look at it in a completely different way. At the very end you can't help but look at your own beliefs and how you unfairly idolize and vilify the leaders of our time.
  • so go the ghosts of mexico, a brave woman in mexico
    29 May. 2020
    A deeply original and beautiful pieces of theatre. This play creates a brand new world and has it's own voice and is like nothing I have ever read before. This play only belongs on a stage and takes on a larger global issue through metaphor, magic, and tragedy. And somehow it is also cathartically funny. What a beautiful interpretation of a true story.
  • BLISS (or Emily Post is Dead!)
    22 Apr. 2020
    This play is hilarious and then suddenly you are crying. The satire is tremendous and the story is really fresh and surprising. This is also a great play for actors. This is greek theatre, with a much needed injection of feminism. Highly recommend this play.