Recommended by Shellen Lubin

  • Tyler's Theory of Love
    23 Mar. 2019
    I directed this play in the EAT Festival in Fall of 2018, and it is a bright, fast-paced, warm and witty encounter that leaves the audience not just a little bit enchanted. Alan as a character takes this play a notch above other brief romantic comedies, but his student's theory of love takes it up two notches.
  • Daddy's Little Girl
    18 Sep. 2017
    This is a great, fun, vicious 10-minute play, that I loved directing for the Urban Stages Slogan Plays Festival. Dara O'Brien packs a witty and articulate punch with this political comedy in verse.
  • Fata Morgana
    19 Jun. 2017
    This play is richly drawn and beautifully crafted. There are surprises, and even when shocking, they are completely believable. Great roles for women, and one imaginative crow which could be manifested in a number of different ways. This play has great possibilities for production.
    18 May. 2017
    Naked Influence is a compelling and challenging play that draws its characters deftly and with complexity, and draws us along through the story with questions and surprises every step of the way. I saw the excellent production at Capital Rep in Albany, and highly recommend this play--it deserves more production!
  • Pillow of Tears
    27 Jan. 2017
    Pillow of Tears is a beautiful short play, written with both delicacy and drama. I have directed two readings of the play--one at 13th Street Repertory Theatre (In Her Name festival) and one at the Jefferson Market Library (Julia's Reading Room of LPTW), both in NYC, with very different casts, and both times it was equally effective and moving. I highly recommend this play.