Recommended by Ariana Burns

  • Atacama
    3 Mar. 2022
    Captivating. Tightly writing. The turns of these haunted characters on a haunted land sits with you long after.
  • A Harmony of Both
    6 Sep. 2020
    Heard this on The Best of All Possible Podcasts. Delightful.
  • The Edge of the Canyon
    17 May. 2020
    Really enjoyed this gritty and visceral script. It moves along at a good clip with fascinating characters, biting humor, and taut imagery.
  • Adoration of Dora
    16 Feb. 2020
    Beautifully written. The play itself feels like a piece of art pulled from the period. The world it embraces is woven into the language of the play as the characters push boundaries in personal quests for self-discovery, creativity, and meaning in a war-torn era.
    28 Jan. 2020
    Tasty comedy. Nicely written. Would love to see it staged.
  • Fabulous Monsters
    15 Jan. 2020
    A raw, punk story with riot grrrl shout-outs thrown-in about the messiness of life told with a surety the characters struggle for. And the music rocks!
  • Up Chimacum Creek
    8 Jan. 2019
    Excited to see this staged. The austere writing belies and reinforces the depth within the story. It is a spiral that twists in on itself, constricting the reader with a deft hand. Loved it.