Recommended by Len Cuthbert

  • Service with a Smile
    22 Sep. 2023
    Now that we're in the "sort of" post-covid era, Rachael's play is a reminder of the strange reality we persevered / tolerated. Sadly, it's not just a snapshot of the influence of Covid, it's about humanity and continues to be relevant.
  • Death Does Larry
    9 May. 2022
    Death Does Larry is a fun conversation with very natural dialogue, that takes a unique approach to the (late) arrival of the grim reaper. Looking forward to seeing Cary's play on stage at the Newmarket International Play Festival Sep 2022.
  • The Most Precious Thing
    25 Jan. 2022
    Comical, clever, witty and moving. All the ingredients of a great play wrapped up in just 10 minutes. Loved it.
  • Looking for #7
    25 Jan. 2022
    What a clever fun short ... dwarf play. Entertaining from start to finish. Great humor. Enjoyed it!
  • The Greatest Jewish Summer Camp Game Ever Played
    25 Jan. 2022
    This short play is incredible fun and to top it off, a true story. Utilizing unique dramatic effects like the opening signs and slow motion moments just make it all the more captivating. Endings are important and this play has it.
  • Love Shackles
    15 Jan. 2022
    An energetic ride right out of the gate that just gains speed and momentum all the way until you realize that a 10-minute play just felt like 5. Buckle up. Great writing.
  • Fourth Grade Girl Pact
    28 Sep. 2020
    What a great ride of comedy and teen conflict. I love the dialogue between these two. And the unexpected end is a bonus!
  • The Actress - One Act Play
    16 Sep. 2020
    Great dialogue and story full of mystery in The Actress. A humorous character driven play that has some surprises along the way. A great little ride on the Staten Island Ferry!
  • Final Rest
    21 Jun. 2020
    Two nicely written diverse view points on saying goodbye to a parent. A comical and touching moment between two siblings.
  • "ANALOG"
    21 Jun. 2020
    I really liked this. A reversal of the stereotype of old resisting change. The tension we consistently equal between the main characters, making me side with both. Well written with a great message!