Recommended by Robert Mattson

  • Siblings
    13 Mar. 2022
    This script is silly, intense, touching, and will most likely make an audience feel awkward. And I think that's what it's supposed to do, and it does it really, really well. There is guilt and exhaustion when caring for someone for the long haul. There is the lingering question for the caregiver of if they are doing everything right. This smart script takes a look at serious questions and is jam-packed with moments that will make the audience think, smile, and even laugh.
  • A LITTLE LOVE GOES A LONG WAY (A short monologue play)
    25 Feb. 2022
    What a wonderful, quirky, interesting monologue! Alterman takes an idea that few would come up with and then twists it in a way that brings up ideas of the perfect match, fidelity, happiness, and physical logistics! This is a gift for an actor to bring this storyline to life.
  • Polar Opposites
    24 Feb. 2022
    A wonderful short play about the nature of relationships....or relationships in nature? Actually both! Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn has a gift for quick and funny dialog in a script that makes you envision the costumes and sets beautifully. This is the type of play that wins audience choice awards at festivals and competitions!
  • Behind Every Superhero
    22 Feb. 2022
    OK, maybe it's the comic geek talking, but this was MARVELOUS fun! Mark Mulkerin took us into a super world through the employee's entrance and gave us a glimpse of what could be happening between blockbuster movies when the world's mightiest heroes have downtime and the challenges they face. A really fun monologue from a talented writer!
  • Justin Thyme I
    19 Feb. 2022
    You know when you think there can't be more and there is? That's what Joe Swenson's Justin Thyme Part 1 is, a cavalcade of wonderful gags that build on each other! Swenson takes an everyday situation that most people have gone through and amps up the fun with wonderful timing that you can practically hear when reading it. I loved it!
  • Hotter Than Thoreau
    7 Feb. 2022
    The term "madcap" is pretty outdated, but it really fits this fast-moving short play. Funny, touching, or "not touching" as it flows along with two wonderfully written characters who stay in their own moments that are constantly changing until the warm and lovely ending.
  • Balance The Books
    7 Feb. 2022
    This play is for anyone who has seen someone cruising in the breakdown lane, stealing someone's parking space, or taking credit for another person's work and thinking, "I wish they would get what they deserved." Of course, that seldom happens, but in this smart, fun, short play by Rachel Feeny-Williams you get to see what would happen if a higher power actually intervened. Highly recommended!
    6 Feb. 2022
    This script gives two performers a great opportunity for rapid repartee and powerfully funny reactions. It's not easy to write a Shakespeare-style character, weave in play references, and keep things flowing at a rapid pace, but Ellen Abrams manages to do it all in this 10-minute comedy.
  • Cabfare For The Common Man (a ten minute play)
    6 Feb. 2022
    The only thing predictable about the plays of Mark Harvey Levine is the smart writing and unforgettable characters. Cabfare For The Common Man is a breakneck drive through a serious topic that has you laughing during every stop, turn, and mile.
  • 2 + 1 = MURDER, a 10m noir comedy
    6 Feb. 2022
    If you like math, puns, and noir you'll love this fast-moving script. CJ Ehrlich's characters are smart and spout so many fun lines so often and fast that you might miss a few, but don't worry, there are plenty to go around.