Recommended by Steven Strafford

    26 Jun. 2023
    This play is TERRIFIC. It hits the sweet spot of being hilarious and heartwarming and incisive and zany and perfectly structured. It's SO GOOD. Your theater should produce it yesterday.
  • Better (Full-length)
    4 Feb. 2022
    Vince sets up a world and people you instantly enjoy spending time with. And then as the story develops, you start to realize that this play is saying even more than what was first thought. The play is exciting, the kind of play, as an actor, that you desperately want to do, and as a playwright, inspires you to keep writing!
  • Neighbors: A Fair Trade Agreement
    28 Nov. 2021
    This play moves at a frenetic clip, using comedy as a cover for the deep complications of North American relations. Stark visuals and truly funny discourse about Ray Romano sitcoms make for an entertaining read!
  • Superheroes
    24 Nov. 2021
    A sweet and funny piece about owning the things that make us "superheroes" in the lives of those who matter most. The piece has comedy with heart, and it would make a great addition to any evening of ten-minute plays.
  • In the End
    25 Oct. 2021
    A lovely and poetic rumination of grief. Using a "visitor from other world" framing, this piece examines so many rich and emotional subjects with grace. What easily could have been didactic, is very human. The piece has me thinking about the role of death in my life and the various forms of grieving I am always in the middle of. A lovely play.
  • Turndown Service
    25 Oct. 2021
    This tight piece manages to have a full-length's amount of farcical genius packed into a short play. The play is funny. The reveals are great. But the thing I find most impressive is Bohannon's intricate stage directions. The action of the play is so clearly delineated, down to the picking up and dropping of boa feathers at the exact right time. A real gem of a short play that constantly subverts our expectations.
  • Til Death Blooms True-- a full length play
    12 Oct. 2021
    What does grief do to a family? And what does fear do to a community? A thoughtful and tender look at plagues, family, class, race, money, and what it means to need the love from someone who may not be able to give it.
  • the weight of it all
    1 Sep. 2021
    This is a taut and intense short play that keeps you guessing throughout. Touching on religion, trauma, and the meetings we have on Zoom, this play is entertaining, and at moments, quite harrowing.
  • Eight Steps for Total Happiness
    1 Sep. 2021
    These monologues paired together manage to make you laugh and achieve genuine poignancy. What McVay does in short time is paint a whole picture of roads taken and the people we were before we took those roads.
  • Evelyn & His Brothers
    1 Sep. 2021
    Ivan Mosley tackles a lot in this layered show about brothers dealing with grief. A play that speaks on Black masculinity and how it presents during a terrible time in a family. It's an actor's playground of a play!! Should be produced!