Recommended by Steven Strafford

  • the weight of it all
    1 Sep. 2021
    This is a taut and intense short play that keeps you guessing throughout. Touching on religion, trauma, and the meetings we have on Zoom, this play is entertaining, and at moments, quite harrowing.
  • Eight Steps for Total Happiness
    1 Sep. 2021
    These monologues paired together manage to make you laugh and achieve genuine poignancy. What McVay does in short time is paint a whole picture of roads taken and the people we were before we took those roads.
  • Evelyn & His Brothers
    1 Sep. 2021
    Ivan Mosley tackles a lot in this layered show about brothers dealing with grief. A play that speaks on Black masculinity and how it presents during a terrible time in a family. It's an actor's playground of a play!! Should be produced!
  • The Fierce Urgency Of Now (Radio Script)
    21 Aug. 2021
    This story grabs you right from the beginning and refuses to let you go. A dark but tender story about trying to find your way through this painful modern world. Having read this and another piece by DeVita, I am thrilled to know his work. DeVita gives us queer characters the world they inhabit, that feels fresh, funny, and fully felt!
  • Goddess Of The Hunt
    21 Aug. 2021
    Is it possible for a play to have too much to love? Because I love the dialogue which is quick-witted but still character driven. I love the story which is smart, smart, smart, but delivers on heart as well! Also, as a an actor, I wish I could get to say these words!! A great story, written well. Hope to see this up on its feet one day! (Or be involved!!)
  • Micronation
    21 Aug. 2021
    A fun, fast-paced comic play that really gets to a lot of the undercurrents at play in our world today. Smart, irreverent, with a few turns here and there that are unexpected. Love the use of metaphor without spelling it out for the audience. This play should find homes in short play festivals. Great work!
  • I'll Be Here
    21 Aug. 2021
    A lovely short piece about grief. Getting to have that conversation we all long for and rarely have with our parents is played out here to sweet effect. Also, lovely to see sobriety and queerness woven in without fuss, just as part of a greater narrative in a father/son relationship.
  • Hoax (Short Play)
    21 Aug. 2021
    Something is brewing underneath this conversation, and it ends up being the biggest piece of news one can get. A simple neighborly conversation, the one you want to avoid turns into something much more despairing in this short play that speaks to our world we live in now.
  • Lost in Place: Hank & Teddy
    2 Aug. 2021
    What's lovely about this play is that it lives in the in-between place of "neighborly" behavior. In the end, I actually said, aloud, "Nooooooo." which is always I good sign that I've invested in the piece! There's a lovely pro-LGBTQ message in this piece between to cis-het men, and it shows up with regret and melancholy. Excited to read more pieces in this series.
  • what the Gods gave me
    30 May. 2021
    A macabre tale told with humor and energy. Set in a Victorian-era, but using modern language, you'll come for the creepy vibe and stay for the smart examination of feminism and religious dogma. Also..this is the kind of play where the twists have twists and then there's another twist!