Recommended by Larry Rinkel

    29 Sep. 2018
    A wonderful play, saturated with the atmosphere of Chasidic Brooklyn. Best friends Shmuel and Zalmy, who drive around in a “Mitzvah Tank” that is like a portable shul, at first sound like a Jewish version of Gogo and Didi in their loquacious repartee. But once Jonathan, a young Catholic man, finds them and wishes to discover his inner Judaism, rifts occur between the two Chasids and they find their friendship tested. The play, which also depicts Jonathan’s girlfriend who rejects her Judaism as a “liability,” asks how to live a frum existence in a world full of secular challenges.
  • Blue
    8 Sep. 2018
    At first Lilith is told to think of her grandpa as a hero. But as she grows older, she comes to recognize the depth of her grandfather's flaws and eventual suicide, as well as her grandmother's inability to hold on to the myth of her husband as an idealized figure. In this sweetly lyric and elegiac play about Lilith’s growth of perception, she decides ultimately to see both grandparents as worthy of admiration and compassion, and not to disparage the grandfather who killed himself out of guilt even though it meant not seeing not seeing his granddaughter grow up.
    4 Jul. 2018
    I've spent enough time in the corporate workplace to know that this fantastical little comedy is only one step beyond what actually happens between bemused and well-meaning employees and their incomprehensibly demanding bosses. A cutely serpentine play that says it all in a tiny space.