Recommended by Cara Beth Heath

  • see through (several versions of the same people)
    7 Apr. 2020
    The reading I saw of this piece was by far one of the best things I've seen in Chicago in the past 2 years. Top 3, no contest. Gripped from the get go by yet another form-challenging, Vanderark-ian plot structure, I was on the edge of my seat, moved to both tears and laughter as the actors brought each character to its knees. I cared about these characters, and I was surprised and satisfied by Chris's expert twists and turns. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Chris Vanderark is a genius in our midst.
  • Perennials
    4 Feb. 2019
    I love a good dystopia, but I love a female take on a dystopia even more. Eva faces us with two women who never would have met, let alone developed a relationship, had it not been for this dire situation. She then layers in references to a beautiful concept from literature, which asks the question, what are we leaving behind? What will future generations think was important to us? And what will be important to us in those final moments?
  • Fatberg
    4 Feb. 2019
    This play is hilarious, disgusting and important. I am rooting so hard for Molly and Tyson, but I’m also rooting for New York and the Earth and our children’s futures! If you didn’t know fatbergs are real, you need to read this. You also need to read it because you’ll care about these characters. I would love to see this expanded to a full length fatberg extraction on stage.
  • #krazyman
    29 Jan. 2019
    Social media insanity has certainly made its mark on humanity, and I think Narter captures that well here. Are we more connected or more isolated than ever? Has the number of platforms we use turned us #crazy? I know that I care what happens to these characters, because I'm worried if they crumble it means we're all doomed! This is a heartfelt, modern family drama that won't let you escape the humor and heartache of trying to be genuine in 2019.
  • Minutes and Seconds
    28 Jan. 2019
    The sun literally shuts off! All the characters are stuck in the same house together (for the rest of their lives) as the world grows cold and dark! As you can imagine, drama ensues, and secrets come out. Somehow I laughed aloud multiple times despite these dire circumstances. Chris knows how to write hilarious dialogue and create compelling situations, but he manages to do it while challenging traditional dramatic structure at the same time... he's kind of a genius overachiever. Definitely give this a read.