Recommended by Elin Hampton

  • A Gutte Neshuma
    28 Jan. 2022
    This short sweet play tackles temple politics while exploring the archaic views in the Jewish religion about "how to mourn" a pet. It's a play that invites discussion.
  • Stay
    21 Aug. 2018
    Hilarious and heartbreaking. Dagney Kerr successfully writes about two dogs navigating their friendship at the end of one's life. The characters are well-drawn and real, the dialogue is fresh, witty and just beautiful.
  • Character Arc
    6 Aug. 2018
    A bittersweet one-act play. Three sisters experience a flood of emotions while visiting their dying father. Emily Hageman's play successfully dramatizes sibling rivalry, love, loss and redemption.
  • Breakfast for Quartet
    4 Aug. 2018
    They breathe the same air, they have breakfast at the same coffee shop... but they're four completely different people. They'll go on with their lives today and then come back again tomorrow. This play reminds us to take the time to listen. Everyone has a story.
  • Look At Me
    4 Aug. 2018
    An unpredictable and beautiful love story. A veteran and the wife he left behind need to learn to navigate their marriage moving forward. The characters are well-constructed... a gift for two actors. Highly recommend.