Recommended by Sara Jean Accuardi

  • Left Hook
    5 Jul. 2018
    A powerful blend of humor and pathos that takes a hard look at what gentrification does to our communities. Inspired by true events, this play brings history to life with memorable characters that you'll relate to and root for. I had the pleasure of seeing a full production of this play, and I'm still thinking about it weeks later.
  • The Impracticality of Modern-Day Mastodons
    28 Apr. 2018
    This tour de force of a play is a delight that packs an emotional punch. It is creative and thoughtful with roles actors would have a blast bringing to life and production elements designers would love to tackle. This play stuck with me for days after reading it.
  • 36 Perfectly Appropriate Mealtime Conversations
    22 Nov. 2017
    An incredibly clever and sharply observed play about relationships in the 21st century with dialogue that is witty, quick, and natural. This play-- written with characters that can be played by actors of any gender-- is the ultimate playground for a director, as the casting changes the context of each line. It's a delightful, thoughtful, funny and subtilely thought-provoking play.
  • The Burden of Not Having a Tail
    5 Jul. 2017
    This immensely clever one-woman show is a force of nature. Equal parts playful and poignant, hilarious and harrowing-- this exploration of grief, self-isolation, and the need for control stays with you long after you leave the bunker. Carrie Barrett is a playwright with a powerful and original voice that is on full display in this little gem of a play.
    5 Jul. 2017
    Can I have the talking gourd now? INTENTIONS is a shrewd and warm-hearted play that that is absolutely packed with clever and laugh-out-loud funny dialogue. Treat yourself to some time at Tillerman House!
  • Mushroom Roulette
    5 Jul. 2017
    I had the pleasure of seeing this play read and the audience was laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes. A hilarious romp in the woods!
  • Do You Take This Woman
    5 Jul. 2017
    A moving and poetic look at depression and artistic success. This haunting little play has stuck with me. Ward's gift with words is on full display here.
  • The Hermitage
    5 Jul. 2017
    A hilarious, farcical play with an undercurrent of profound observations about friendship, patronage and the relationship between have and have-not. But most of all, it's freakin' funny. Carrie Barrett is a one-of-a-kind voice to be aware of and watch.
  • To Us!
    5 Jul. 2017
    An utterly unique and brilliant look at what happens when we let ideologies divide us. This play is absurd and laugh-out-loud funny until it suddenly becomes a harrowing look in the mirror. Barrett pulls this trick off with a deft and steady hand, and the end result is chilling. It's a perfect play for these times.