Recommended by Chima Chikazunga

    23 Jun. 2022
    Wilkinson’s play is unexpectedly funny in places that will resonate with most mature audiences. She walks a thin line of poking fun of people behind their back with booze and social media, but it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt… and it’s at this point, we realize how real it may be. This is the true gift of her writing. I can’t wait for someone to champion this piece and see it on its feet. Definitely in for a treat
  • Bedford and Squalor
    22 May. 2022
    “Bedford and Squalor” has a distinct curiosity that follows in every scene, and for me, that’s the appreciation of art. Throughout there’s a shift that happens between these two men when a woman enters their space, it’s both hugely obvious, yet subtle… Though, Hill moves quickly with his dialogue m, we soon discovery why within the second act of the play the importance of art for Hills play as he asks the question…” what price are you willing to pay to be an esteemed artist?”
    I’d love to see this play on its feet soon.
  • Washer/Dryer
    10 Mar. 2022
    Such a pleasure to revisit this romantic comedy again after a few years of seeing it in NYC. The humor and characters leap off the page, with themes that resonate with all. Shenoy’s pure gift of storytelling shines as we watch this story unfold. Can’t recommend this play enough…especially if you’re looking for stories featuring strong women of color … a pure joy, you won’t be disappointed
  • Esspy
    9 Mar. 2022
    ESSPY is a story about comfort zones, and asks us how do we deal with them at the works place. I found myself wanting to know more about Anu in one scene and then shifting to William during the next. Shenoy creates a world for her characters to navigate through subtle humor and dark undertones as they reflect on a bond that only 2 strangers can share. From start to finish, they engage in discussions that force them to face vulnerabilities they’d rather avoid yet build a bond through their shortcomings.
  • Beautiful Blessed Child
    4 Mar. 2022
    BEAUTIFUL BLESSED CHILD fascinated me from the moment I read the synopsis as someone drawn to 2 handers and contained pieces. I found myself wanting to know more about Sharon in one scene and then shifting to Amiko during the next, and as the circumstances increased the back and forth both kept me eagerly fascinated. Their relationship is unique and watching the layers unfold created a world that’s rarely explored on the stage through subtle humor and deeper/darker undertones as they reflect on and embrace a bond that only a mother and daughter share.
  • Step Kids a hip-hop musical (Concept, Book, Music, and Lyrics by Tyrone L. Robinson, Additional Music and Lyrics by Postell Pringle)
    11 Feb. 2022
    This musical is a smart and timely coming of age story about teens finding their voice through their art - dance. We learn of the challenges they face at an early age that often get overlooked by adults and discover how they process things. A strong piece that showcases many themes that is sure to be entertaining and educational for all.
  • Cambodian Rock Band
    4 Feb. 2022
    Almost 2 years after I saw this piece, pre-pandemic, and I’m still raving about this amazing and powerful play. Yee takes us on a journey through music as a child gets a rare opportunity to connect with their family’s history. I’ve never seen such bold writing leap off the page and keep me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. There isn’t just one word to describe this piece. If you get a chance to read or see it, you’re definitely in for a treat
  • Dear Nate
    4 Feb. 2022
    Keller’s play tells a story about friendship in a unique way around a specific holiday, and much like the title suggests, there’s something that Nate needs to know. What he discovers once he read the holiday cards changes him in a way both reader and sender could never imagine. A smart and uniquely funny play that takes you down the road less traveled from start to finish
    30 Jan. 2022
    This play explores several family values that really hit close to home. All the characters have a backstory and are filled with such life. Just when you think you’ve found a character who you sympathize for, another reveals another inner truth that makes you have compassion for them as well. And the second act does not disappoint as things unfold we watch that the most vulnerable character in the play and the most powerful share a connection and drive this story of a dysfunctional family all the way home, and leave us with a sense of hope.
  • Jailbird
    19 Jan. 2022
    They say opposites attract, and Shaws play doesn’t disappoint. Two lost souls find a common ground in the most unlikely of places. As their conversation unfolds they discover that even though they both follow different religions, their current situation unites them. Shaw weaves dark humor, faith and homosexuality in a story that explores what happens when you break the law and are forced to interact ( or not) with a cell mate.