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  • Noble Jones:
    18 Dec. 2023
    A super funny and concisely well done concept!
  • Claudia Haas:
    2 Feb. 2023
    Writer’s block is finally explained. The “day job” is clear. As it turns out, writers are between a rock and a hard place. Marcia Eppich-Harris explains it all to you. Well done.
  • Scott Sickles:
    30 Jan. 2023
    Not every origin story begins with a radioactive spider or exploding planet. In fact, most begin just like this: with passions quelled and a dream deferred.

    This is the story of an artist who refuses to sell out.

    One can certainly respect Sisyphus’s integrity. Why devote his talents to the establishment when he can live an honorable life where livelihood doesn’t compromise creativity? Alas, sometimes one’s ideals aren’t always ideal.

    It’s a fun piece with great rhythms and jaunty roles. But don’t dismiss it as a sketch. It has much more to say.
  • Charles Scott Jones:
    28 Sep. 2022
    Who hasn’t felt for Sisyphus on one of those days of futile repetition? SISYPHUS’S INTERVIEW - his career placement talk in Hell - is a hilarious nugget of satire. Don’t want to spoil things by revealing all that moved me up and down the hill, but this is erudite (Malebolge translated from Italian means “evil ditches”)and great fun!
  • Lee R. Lawing:
    28 Sep. 2022
    Some people just can't catch a break, even in the afterlife. Funny and says a lot about those who love to create but sometimes the work just follows them everywhere they go.
  • Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend:
    13 Jun. 2022
    Ha! Writers can definitely relate to Sisyphus in this clever one minute play. And not just writers - creative types and procrastinators in general. This is a delightful origin story with a big message for only one page. I love it.
  • Austin Hendricks:
    12 Jun. 2022
    A play that almost every writer (and creative) can relate to. Witty, quick, just enough metaphor to keep us interested, and just realism for anyone to go "Yeah, that's me."

    A quirky little play that's sure to delight!
  • Samantha Marchant:
    9 Mar. 2022
    Silly mythological fun! Quick wit, back and forth between Minos and Sisyphus makes this an enjoyable addition to any short play festival. And for those who may not get all the mythological references (which are great) , everyone is sure to relate to the struggle of work/life balance!
  • Donald E. Baker:
    8 Mar. 2022
    Who knew Hades had an HR department headed up by Minos? Or that Sisyphus was a writer who wasn't willing to take any sort of job opening that might drain him of his creativity? We playwrights can certainly relate. The conceit is delightful, the play even more so.
  • Peter Dakutis:
    6 Mar. 2022
    Marcia Eppich-Harris's hilarious origin story for Sisyphus is very clever. It also offers a sly look at the lengths writers will go to when procrastinating. Superbly done!