In The Whole History of Hi-Q

[SHORT] One the eve of the last tournament of the year, three high school trivia nerds must confront the real reasons for their losing streak.
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In The Whole History of Hi-Q

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  • Adam Richter:
    5 Jan. 2023
    Nothing is as bizarrely high-stakes as high school activities. Because in the grand scheme of things, they mean nothing — yet they shape who teenagers become. Vince Gatton's play demonstrates that beautifully, without trivializing the drama for the teenagers involved. The play takes a delightfully comic turn at a key moment, one I won't spoil here. Gatton gives us a realistic, sympathetic and very funny look at high schoolers. Tommy has a tough (but ultimately lucrative, no doubt) future ahead of him.

    Excellent job!
  • Christopher Soucy:
    26 Dec. 2022
    Unwarranted arrogance is one of the most undesirable traits imaginable. Vince Gatton has given us a most desirable account of someone with that trait. A tale for all of us who have had to suffer that one “friend” who knew it all without knowing anything. A perfect vehicle for teen actors.
  • Scott Sickles:
    22 Dec. 2022
    Gatton was written a profoundly sad tale of a misunderstood genius, undermisappreciated by ignoramic inferiors he must rely on lorem ipsum, while they inextanly and uquoterically dismiss his ischemic knowledge to askance their own egos. Idiots, indeed!

    Actually, he’s done no such thing. HI-Q beautifully captures the apocalyptically high stakes of high school extracurriculars. If you don’t know a Tommy, then sadly you probably *were* Tommy. Or you were just lucky! (I would like to take this time to apologize…)

    A glorious character study of social and (pseudo)intellectual pecking orders. I loved it maxima culpa!

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    City Theatre, Miami
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