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  • Savanah Downing:
    15 Nov. 2020
    An amazing story about the real affects of police brutality. This story shows how different people deal with grief and offers a picture of the inside of someone's mind as they are coping. This story really needs to be told and this side of it is so important and needs to be seen.
  • Chandler Hubbard:
    29 Aug. 2020
    A bittersweet reckoning of grief and understanding, vacillating quickly between satire, heightened fantastical realism and gut-punching truths.
  • Cheryl Bear:
    20 Aug. 2020
    A beautiful approach to unimaginable grief that asks the questions in the most moving, touching and transformative way. Magical and gutting, well done.
  • Doug DeVita:
    23 Nov. 2019
    Utterly devastating. Utterly savage. Utterly stunning. And heartbreakingly beautiful from start to finish. READ THIS PLAY! PRODUCE THIS PLAY (AGAIN!)
  • Cameron Houg:
    16 Jul. 2019
    A play about loss, grief, and the impossible task of dealing with it. Can we ignore our problems and turn the other cheek? Pretend everything is okay, and take out our anger on others? Or do we have to find a way to cope? These questions and more are asked in this sprawling piece.
  • Natalie Dressel:
    18 Apr. 2019
    Grief beyond measure. What can we do when unbearable tragedy strikes but break from reality, creating a world that makes sense out of necessity.

    Sabrina is a mother that may seem at first to be over protective, until we realize that there is no amount of protection a mother can give her child that will keep them safe in today's current socio-political climate. The inablitly to escape this fate is terrifying.

    All of these themes are weaved over an extremely smart and well written script that pulls from comic books, black history, and even Harry Potter.

    I love this play.
  • Nick Malakhow:
    3 Apr. 2019
    Wow! What an amazing piece. I can't believe how effortlessly it travels from warm human realism to razor-sharp satire to gutting tragedy to magical realism and back again. This piece manages all of those tones, styles, motifs, etc. while feeling like a beautifully unified piece of art. A dangerous read on public transit, as I vacillated many times between raucously laughing aloud to crying openly. I'm so grateful to have read it and can't wait to experience a production.
  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    31 Mar. 2019
    Brilliant, moving, funny, tragic and true - a healing ritual and a beautiful play that gives us what is so important in the midst of these awful times - a way to begin to process and talk about the awful truths people go through and empathize! Craig-Galván creates windows into inner experience through the theatrical personification of comic book super heroes and villains. LOVE THIS!
  • Lainie Vansant:
    7 Feb. 2019
    An imaginative play that asks new questions (at least new-to-me questions) about what to do in the wake of an act of violence. This play deals with anger and injustice and the brokenness of our world but doesn't get so caught up in those things that it loses the humanity of its characters. Plus, it's a theatrical delight for designers, actors, and directors with an important message to boot.
  • Jennifer O'Grady:
    6 Feb. 2019
    Astonishing play--inventive, theatrical, incredibly moving. Loved it.