Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

If I condensed my work (right now) to a singular purpose:

It’s putting more horror on the stage

Thought-provoking horror
Horror that opens doors to empathy
Horror that comforts
That changes the way people think about the genre
And the way they think about theatre

Horror for everyone, too
For people who’ve never seen it or flock to it
I don’t need to preach to a choir, we already blend in with the regular folks like pod people with better personalities
We want that beautifully average everyday run of the mill audience whose minds are not ready to get blown
I crave to give them a little bit of fear and a little bit of hope because those are everything

My plays are hungry
They love blood
A well placed curse (word or hex)
I write a lot about grief and identity
I definitely maybe am still trying to accept my own mortality
We only have so much time on this planet so my plays often explore death in some form, and what happens to those of us left behind

Nothing is more horrific or wonderful than living and dying.

Come get enthralled with me.

Every story we ever tell
Will never be done the exact same way with the exact same people again
It becomes uniquely ours

I think that’s something quite special.