Recommended by Emma Goldman-Sherman

  • Righteous Among Us
    27 Mar. 2023
    Excellent work! Plumbing the depths of family mythologies, Tofte crafts a play that - though limited to a cast of 3 - has enormous scope and consequences. Thrilling to see what is possible on stage, so producible and yet so complex. Wonderful work!
  • NORA
    24 Mar. 2023
    Such an interesting play! It would be really great onstage and fascinating to direct. I really enjoy the ambiguities and the potential motives and the thriller aspects of it that keep me totally enthralled. I'd love to see it produced!
  • Flight
    15 Mar. 2023
    A beautifully written origin myth where the hero is asked to take on her true identity. With twists and turns, Studi brings us into the heart and soul of Quoya as she questions her purpose in the world. This would be so beautiful on its feet! Even on the page it has strong rhythms and images that create an entire world.
  • Space Laser, In Space!
    7 Mar. 2023
    Very funny play that is also Talmudic. Blevins creates complex characters who have a legitimate conflict that is as deep as it is absurd but hits on real issues of identity and morality. Would be a great addition to any festival of shorts! Something to talk about afterwards, to infinity and beyond!
  • Pick Me Girl
    7 Mar. 2023
    Wow. I feel this so hard. What a great piece of theatre. Thank you Sharifa Yasmin for putting this in words. Beautiful, heartfelt work. A monologue that is a whole play and a whole story and a whole triumph. Thank you. (I don't know Grey's Anatomy, but I get it anyway.)
  • Love Lately
    6 Mar. 2023
    Love Lately is a beautiful exploration of vulnerability full of the moment to moment work 2 actors would love to get to do. Fascinating characters. There is real depth and nuance here. Very well written.
  • Little Red Handed
    5 Mar. 2023
    A twist a minute! If you're looking for a fabulous fairy tale reinvented for texting teens, this is it! And a great bit of dramaturgy too if you're looking for how to do the twist! It's fun, funny, dark, twisted and worth every minute! A winner in any festival.
  • Can You Hear Me Now?
    24 Feb. 2023
    Hilarity ensues! I enjoyed this silly short, and I'm sure audiences will be in stitches to see grown men playing telephone this way and inventing the smartphone while they're at it. A wonderful piece for any festival.
    21 Feb. 2023
    Great skill. Friends with Guns is so illuminating. The discomfort that unfolds is so masterfully crafted. A play I'd love to see produced. I am in awe. It is the honesty that does it for me. A rich and authentic experience.
  • Manic: A Ten Minute Play
    21 Feb. 2023
    A very funny short play about the roles we play and how we could be main characters but for all of our socially ingrained feelings of flawed-ness and critical judgments. I found the characters to be totally relatable! Wonderful roles for women and a nonbinary afab actor.