Recommended by Emma Goldman-Sherman

  • Vatican Falls
    21 Nov. 2022
    Vatican Falls is an ambitious play structured as a spy thriller and a family drama all at once. This purposeful mash-up works to create an epic ensemble piece that is honest and moving while also helping to educate on what the Vatican has done to cover up their collusion in enormous harm on a global scale. I appreciate the survivor stories and the characters' journeys.
  • Stardust
    10 Nov. 2022
    Stardust is the perfect title for this play about dreams and their power over us. With wonderful roles for all three actors, these characters are so full and well-drawn, they each have so much life in them! Read and produce!
  • Marilyn Monroe in the Desert
    7 Nov. 2022
    I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastically poetic fable. Marilyn Monroe embodies our collective ideals of beauty and sexuality which can easily become mistaken for love. Fabulous roles for all 4 actors including great comic roles for the older couple who clown and tease, while the Miner drips devilish sex appeal. Marilyn at the center tries desperately to find her way out of the terrible emptiness of the American desert. A modern myth, brava!
  • K. I. S. S. I. N. G.
    19 Oct. 2022
    An out-standing portrait of young lesbian love, I am so thrilled to imagine this play lighting up a festival of shorts! Cole writes these young lovers innocently and yet aware in some ways of the world-at-large (the sound effects and Julie's mom in particular) that seep into this moment and change the possibilities creating limits that are real and moving. Sad and true.
  • Bucking the CIS-tem
    11 Sep. 2022
    Marvelous new play to help us all make the necessary changes to accept gender non conforming people and our pronouns. Boils the blood, and then makes it all better! I loved the ending! Thank you, Debra A. Cole! This play musta been waiting for someone to write it, and I'm so glad you did!
  • Wolves
    10 Sep. 2022
    I found Sapio's Wolves to be a wonderful and theatrical play filled with imagination. The way each role has its own musical instrument as a skill and point of view is such a unique way to create character that reminds me of Aristotle's injunction: we are what we do. I love the ideas in the play and the sense of the outer world encroaching. Fabulous work!
  • Tax Date
    23 Aug. 2022
    Wow! A highly theatrical and dramatic script with great subtext and so much for the actors to chew on! Wonderful and surprising work.
  • The Muses Of Humanity
    15 Aug. 2022
    The Muses of Humanity uses theatre to make some strong statements about the nature of art and inspiration. Mackling confronts the audience in a twist at the end that feels really dramatic and might be great in a Festival of the Dark Strange & Twisted. I am thrilled that Mackling is exploring theatre this way and look forward to where it might lead...
  • Aurolac Blues (a short play)
    2 Aug. 2022
    A beautiful play of transformation. I love these two young Roma street-kids and remember them from my days in Vienna and Paris when I used to be a busker, and the street-kids used to pass out on the sidewalk. I love their dreams and how they are scrounging to survive. Stanescu is a playwright of dreams and should be produced more often!
  • A Case Of Anxiety (a ten minute play)
    25 Jul. 2022
    Have you ever wondered why Mark Harvey Levine gets all the hits on the binge? It's because his plays are hilariously funny and laugh out loud enjoyable. He writes every line to crack us up. Nothing is wasted! Improve your abdominals - read and produce!