Recommended by Skye Robinson Hillis

  • North Star
    10 Nov. 2019
    I had the pleasure of seeing a staged reading of this play at Creede Rep and it absolutely blew me away. Kelly has created two unbelievably vivid worlds and blended them together in a way that is truly breathtaking. It's funny, smart, moving, and absolutely terrifying all at once. I can't wait to see a full production of this play.
  • The Christmas Special
    6 Oct. 2019
    This is one of the more inventive plays I've had the pleasure of seeing. The world is beautifully, vividly drawn and immersive and the characters are totally original. Do yourself a favor and check out this writer's brilliantly irreverent and unique voice.
  • Best Foot Forward/El Major Pie Adelante (TYA)
    24 Aug. 2019
    I had the pleasure of seeing this at Creede Rep today before it goes out on tour! This is a lovely, funny, moving, and totally engaging YA musical that celebrates cultural differences and uses dance beautifully as a metaphor. Highly recommended for the elementary school set (or, frankly, anyone).
  • The Defiance of Dandelions
    2 Jun. 2019
    This play is unlike any I have ever read. It's beautiful, moving, poetic, surprisingly, overwhelming, and badass. I would fall all over myself to see it performed on stage.
  • Rev
    2 Jun. 2019
    As character studies go, this is a pretty stunning offering. Bykowski has expertly drawn three fascinating, funny, heartbreaking female characters in what is also a gorgeous love letter to the South Side of Chicago. This play will make some lucky stage very happy.
  • The Evolution of Rattlesnakes
    22 May. 2019
    A moving story about sacrifice, small towns, female friendship, and taking your life back into your own hands. Egdorf has written beautifully drawn characters in a harrowing situation, and the ending will stay with you for a good while to come.
  • Sunny Days
    22 May. 2019
    A beautifully unconventional story about a mother-daughter relationship wrapped in the thrilling guise of a serial killer thriller. This is a surprising, compelling, and thoroughly moving play, and I'm thrilled I had the opportunity to see it at Ohio University.
  • Here Lies Vivienne Greene
    29 Apr. 2019
    Here lies a play with a dynamic, strong black female character who knows what she wants and will work hard without stopping until she gets it. Matthews has created a compelling protagonist in Vivienne Greene and it is a joy to follow her journey in 1956 Georgia. This is a smart, lyrical, theatrical, and relevant play that will transport and move you from beginning to end.
  • Abraham Lincoln Wrote MPreg!
    24 Mar. 2019
    This play was an unabashed joy to watch in every raucous way. Varga has written a smart, hilarious, outrageous, and still somehow poignant five minute play that is a delight to read and a delight to watch.
  • Days of Plenty
    19 Mar. 2019
    A short play about two farmhands in what I imagine to be the Dust Bowl contemplating a move to California and a better life. For such a short play, these characters are rich and their relationship is well-developed, and the language is lovely and evocative. A beautiful ten-minute piece.