Recommended by Skye Robinson Hillis

  • Abraham Lincoln Wrote MPreg!
    24 Mar. 2019
    This play was an unabashed joy to watch in every raucous way. Varga has written a smart, hilarious, outrageous, and still somehow poignant five minute play that is a delight to read and a delight to watch.
  • Days of Plenty
    19 Mar. 2019
    A short play about two farmhands in what I imagine to be the Dust Bowl contemplating a move to California and a better life. For such a short play, these characters are rich and their relationship is well-developed, and the language is lovely and evocative. A beautiful ten-minute piece.
  • Io
    4 Mar. 2019
    A thoughtful short play exploring grief, loss, and family, with a suspenseful clock that deftly adds urgency for both the characters and the audience. I love plays that feel familiar at the beginning and by the end have taken us to a place we never expected, and it's especially impressive when it's achieved in such a short time. This is one of those plays.
  • Wax (a monologue)
    21 Feb. 2019
    A thoughtful, surprising, and wholly moving monologue, the images in which will stay with you for a long time to come.
  • She Moves in Her Own Way
    18 Dec. 2018
    In this play, Matthews has created a compelling story about family using the colliding worlds of basketball and dance. The relationships are vivid, real, and painful, and each character's journey is moving all on its own, but woven together the impact is incredibly strong. That combined with Matthews' humor and facility with the language of young people makes this play a magical one to experience.
  • How to Bake a Genoise Sponge Without Breaking Any Eggs
    28 Nov. 2018
    HOW TO BAKE... is a smart, thoughtful, totally inventive examination of mental illness and the treatment of it. The characters are vivid, colorful, and begging to be seen on stage. I was fascinated by the relationship between focusing on recovery and pursuing your dreams - and deeply related to the uncertainty of whether or not pursuing those dreams will help or hurt you. I look forward to seeing this lovely piece fully realized in production.
  • Stitched with a Sickle and a Hammer
    18 Nov. 2018
    I've now had the opportunity to hear this play out loud twice and it floors me every time. The story and characters are so vividly drawn and clear that it's almost cinematic. I can't wait to see this play produced on stage.
  • La Mujer Barbuda
    18 Nov. 2018
    LA MUJER BARBUDA is all the things you want in a play - smart, funny, moving, surprising, at once new and familiar. Luzarraga has created memorable, well-drawn characters and two worlds that are completely distinct and clear, and it's beautiful to experience them transforming in and out of each other in such a seamless, cascading way. I loved this play.
  • Gurl, this is bad!
    27 Sep. 2018
    I laughed. I was scared. I was UPSET. Weingarten manages to pack so much into a 10 minute play yet it still feels incredibly balanced and precise. A wild ride.
  • I Don't Drink At Parties (a monologue)
    21 Sep. 2018
    This is a highly impactful and resonant short piece that every college student should be required to read/see. A lovely little gift of a play.