Recommended by Skye Robinson Hillis

  • Homecoming 1972
    17 Apr. 2018
    I had the pleasure of assistant directing this play's world premiere at Chicago Dramatists several years ago. It is a lovely, poignant, heartfelt, and agonizing portrait of a small town in a broken, divided nation.
  • I Will Miss You When You're Gone
    19 Mar. 2018
    This is a play that really takes the idea of ghosts and hauntings and turns it on its head. What could be cliche becomes smart, moving, surprising, and emphatically unique. And the best part? Four fantastic roles for women. Very much worth the read.
  • Edmund Fitzwater Doesn’t Have Any Answers for You
    16 Mar. 2018
    This is a completely terrifying yet somehow totally delightful short play about the scary, omniscient play technology is heading. Smart, relevant, and eerie.
  • Addressing the Nation (10 min)
    16 Mar. 2018
    This is a lovely short play with whip smart dialogue that is surprisingly moving for its mere 10 minutes of length. Topical without being heavy-handed and a pleasure to read.
  • When They Came
    2 Mar. 2018
    This is a truly beautiful play. Moving, lyrical, strange, engaging. Like an extraterrestrial OUR TOWN. And like OUR TOWN, it packs a hell of a punch at the end. I have not read anything else quite like it.
  • Derailed
    2 Mar. 2018
    DERAILED is a smart, topical play that will keep you engaged throughout. The writer has created a number of intriguing plotlines, and relatable characters, even in a first draft. I'm looking forward to seeing where this play goes!
  • Twin Set
    12 Feb. 2018
    I love this play - it’s smart, totally engrossing, and more than a little unsettling, in all the right ways. And best of all it has three extraordinary roles for women!
  • I Enter the Valley (4W, 2M)
    3 Jan. 2018
    This is a stunningly beautiful play. Guha has created a world that is sensual, lyrical, mystical and just somehow very real. I would love to see it on stage.
  • Sheltered
    17 Nov. 2017
    I can’t get over what a fantastic idea for a play this is. And it’s so beautifully executed. Powerful, poignant, and never maudlin. Nothing about this play is overdone. The characters and the circumstances speak for themselves.
  • Last Night in Inwood
    15 Nov. 2017
    A smart, compelling script that moves at a fast pace and keeps you on your toes, without skimping on nuance or character development.