Recommended by Molly Wagner

  • GREY
    29 Mar. 2023
    This sharp and witty two-hander does an incredible job of exploring how people's perception of a certain night can vary wildly. In placing distance between the night in question Benjamin gives us a wonderful examination of how important it is to confront the past while still working through the nostalgia of old friendships. A really important piece of theatre with great dialogue and scene-work for actors!
  • Gregory Peck
    29 Mar. 2023
    When a hunter confronts the fawn that he fatally injured while hunting he must grapple with the responsibility of ending its suffering. In speaking to the fawn that he must kill we begin to understand the richness of his character, leading with a soft humor despite the desperation that the audience can feel worming its way inside. The play's creative use of theatrical elements makes it truly compelling and a great vehicle for a strong actor.
  • That Must Be the Entrance to Heaven or, The Dawn Behind the Black Hole
    21 Feb. 2022
    I was so fortunate to see a reading of this play at LatinX Playwrights Circle and - wow. Franky has such an incredible gift of crafting poetry from his words and creating such intricate, desperate, and heartbreaking characters. As someone pointed out in the reading, this play would also be a fight choreographers dream because the ballet in the boxing is just unreal. In this play we are gifted four tough characters, each being driven by something clear and specific, even as they run themselves down we understand the extremes of the stakes at play. Really incredible!
  • the beautiful things are gonna kill you
    9 Feb. 2022
    This play is incredible. Amara Brady is so tender towards both of her characters even while showing their glaring flaws. Every time I thought to myself "O just needs to end it. She needs to end this." We're given a really sweet and lovely moment between the two of them. It is unflinching in its examination of queer love and interracial love and also how messy it can get when two people are pursuing dreams in a similar field, especially one as exciting and devastating as theatre. I cannot wait to see where this play goes.
  • When We Were gods
    9 Feb. 2022
    This play is a grand and gorgeous tale filled with extreme stakes both personal and world-changing. The relationship between Athena and Venus is tender and nuanced. I loved seeing the two of them figure out how to exist as single entities while remaining devoted to each other. The humanity of these Gods is thrilling to uncover and the poetry within the words is a true treasure.
  • Matched?
    23 Jan. 2022
    This is such a lovely and cute two-hander where we see two strangers just looking for love come together in an unexpected way. I was rooting for Henry and Maggie from the beginning!
  • Angie 4.0
    11 Jan. 2022
    "Angie 4.0" is a compelling examination of the way Black Women have been expected to minimize their space. We see the way each person turn on Angie at the smallest notion whenever she starts to set boundaries and through it all finds the strength to pull herself back up. This script pulls no punches as we see the demands from each character placed on Angie. A really powerful and speculative short play that would be refreshing for any festival!
  • The Ballad of Leslie
    11 Jan. 2022
    I didn't know "professional chorus" was something that I wanted in my life until after reading this play. I found myself being completely won over by Jordan as Leslie was and couldn't help but smile at the end of it. This would be a great piece to show off some skilled comedic actors in any festival or competition.
  • Mrs Dilber's Christmas Carol.
    11 Jan. 2022
    Finally, Mrs. Dilber gets her say! I love the way that we get to see a holiday classic from the perspective of one of the most underrated characters. As she intercepts the ghosts meant for her crotchety employer she finds herself on a journey of her own. This play takes the beloved characters and flips them on their heads, poking fun at the original text and bringing a new family-friendly holiday tale for those who are burnt out with the old man always at the center of everything.
  • Silent Vows
    11 Jan. 2022
    It is so fun to see Christopher Plumridge create a dynamic and engaging play with no dialogue! The actions detailed in the script encourage you to look at all of the things that are said without being said at all. Really fun!