Recommended by Paul Donnelly

  • Thank You, Two
    22 Sep. 2020
    What a glorious trip down memory lane for anyone with experience in high school theater or in the blush of first love. The two young characters are well-observed and engaging, as is their journey.
  • Another Goddamn Dystopian Play
    21 Sep. 2020
    Really, what kind of playwright would let the end of civilization stand between them and their writer's workshop? Not these four wittily drawn and spot on characters. This Goddamn Dystopian Play is great fun.
  • In Character
    18 Sep. 2020
    A chilling look at how perpetrators gaslight their victims to get away with their abuse. This work shines a light on conduct that has been permitted in the theatre for far too long.
  • Right For The Part
    18 Sep. 2020
    This is a riotous depiction of the audition from hell. The actor's mounting desperation and frustration are full of laugh out loud moments and the director makes a slyly amusing counter-point. This piece would be great fun to see on its feet.
    15 Sep. 2020
    A comically needy mother of the bride gets her heart's desire fulfilled thanks to her thoughtful, yet crafty daughter in this sweet-spirited and satisfying comedy.
  • Almost Mary
    1 Aug. 2020
    What a delightful and engaging exploration of a young scientist coming into her own. Mary Anning is blessed with loving parents and a supportive friend so her real battle is with herself and her own impatience. She is an extraordinary young woman vividly rendered.
  • Remembered
    9 Jul. 2020
    What a lovely depiction of an unlikely spark of connection. Two people of different generations, different life experience, and different roles (she's a seller, he's a potential buyer) bond over surviving losses and the meaning of the memories that permeate an old house. This is a work of great subtlety and gentle surprises that would be a delight to see in performance.
  • Covid Cookies
    27 Jun. 2020
    Who knew not being able to cook was the secret to romance? In this charming comedy a couple who are suffering from a little too much togetherness reach the tipping point during a very funny failed attempt to bake cookies. The direction in which they tip turns out to be toward a satisfying happy ending.
  • When I Fall in Love, It Will Be..., a 10-minute play
    27 Jun. 2020
    This is a lovely play about forgiveness and acceptance in the face of a spouse's dementia. This story deals honestly with the fact that dementia sometimes leads people to act out in unexpected and disturbing ways and that spouses deal with tremendous guilt and resentment. This honest exploration leads to a well-earned note of hope.
  • Brian the Comet
    27 Jun. 2020
    Jude's mother the astronaut is on the least interesting journey of discovery in this incandescently lovely play. The narrative use of the ensemble adds wit and freshness to the story of Jude's struggle to learn to hope and then embrace the limits of hope. Her complex friendship with Brian the Comet as she also deals with her father's cancer is the moving and at times delightful center around which this wondrous story revolves.