Recommended by Quinn Xavier Hernandez

  • Like The Ivy Clings
    16 Jan. 2021
    Bryan Montemayor is unapologetic and necessarily brutal in his examination of ICE detention centers and the people trapped inside. Perfectly paced, heartbreakingly honest, and raw. LIKE THE IVY CLINGS is a fantastic ten-minute play that everyone should consider when putting together a festival!
  • Shrink
    26 Sep. 2020
    Liz Dooley does a fantastic job of inviting her readers/audience in her worlds without giving them any information to go by and then letting the play unveil its secrets. Like so many of her other plays, Dooley's penchant for awkward and sensitive characters speaking their minds openly pushes SHRINK forward at an engaging pace, but it's truly Ellie's self-discovery following her death that makes this play a true theatrical delight.
  • Julie's Place
    26 Sep. 2020
    Emily McClain's knack for strong interpersonal dynamics between her characters is on full display in JULIE'S PLACE. No single branch on this family tree feels overlooked and the way each character processes the grief of losing the matriarch, Julie, is fascinating. Funny, heartfelt, captivating, and (at times) an absolute gut punch of a play. Read it and then produce it. I highly recommend it!
  • Children of Combs and Watch Chains
    26 Sep. 2020
    An absolute force of modern tragedy, CHILDREN OF COMBS AND WATCH CHAINS keeps audiences/readers on the edge of their seat. McClain's characters have such strong motivations that it's almost easy to forget that their hubris will inevitably lead to their destruction--a trait which keeps you hoping and wishing right alongside Jim and Della in their unintentionally conflicting quest for a child.
  • Snow White, Rose Red: A Digital Love Story
    26 Sep. 2020
    Today we are inundated with technology when it comes to our social lives and the dating scene has gotten no less tricky to navigate as we've moved online. Emily McClain expertly uses her digital format to great success and has created a lovely one-act play that touches on themes of femininity, self-expression, and sisterhood while at the same time damning the patriarchal boxes that say each of these themes are black and white.
  • Serious Moonlight
    26 Sep. 2020
    SERIOUS MOONLIGHT is full of nostalgia and raw teenage emotion that allows audiences to easily root for both of these young women. Having heard this piece both in Cultivators' Cultivate Session and at Working Title Playwrights, I am eager to see the life this short play has once it gets staged!
  • Well-Intentioned White People
    26 Aug. 2020
    Moving with ferocity and openly condemning white violence of all levels, WELL INTENTIONED WHITE PEOPLE is unapologetic in its portrayal of black trauma. Imani Vaughn-Jones has written a powerful examination of society, allyship, and the work left to be done--the work that must be taken up by white allies. I applaud her vulnerability and ask that you give this piece every consideration. Develop it. Invest in it. Produce it.
    11 Jun. 2020
    BLUETOOTH is a beautiful short piece full of representation and such dramatically high stakes. I've seen numerous readings of this piece and each time it has resonated on so many emotional levels. Read this short play and produce it, please!
  • That Fat Bitch Loved to Run Her Mouth
    9 Jan. 2020
    I had the great fortune of hearing this piece at a Monday Night Critique Session through Working Title Playwrights and all I can say is oh. My. God. There is such power in this monologue and Benjamin Carr's dialogue is simultaneously a gut punch and a feather boa on your skin. Read this monologue. Embrace it. Then produce it. It's a powerful piece tackling family, drug abuse, owning who you are, how we choose to remember the dead, and the way the dead ought to be remembered.
  • The Bedroom Summit
    18 Dec. 2019
    THE BEDROOM SUMMIT is filled with heartbreak, pain, desire, and charm. Scott Sickles sketches two beautifully complex young men that balance all of these motifs effortlessly. It's refreshingly hard to read this on the page and that is why I hope I will get to see it staged soon. That discomfort is vital and necessary. Fantastic job!