Recommended by Vicki Meagher

  • Gun Play
    16 Jan. 2023
    I saw this play at an eight-play festival in New Mexico and for me it was the hit of the festival.

    The story is told at a slant and I didn't realize until the very end exactly what was being said and done.

    A stylized, gripping, well written play with a message with a punch at the end.
  • Headed Out
    2 Aug. 2022
    This is a delightful play if you enjoy dark comedy and intellectual banter (which I do). Act Two (the alternative) is completely different from Act One, but has some clever continuity of dialog and action. I'm not sure which one I prefer, though both are plausible and understandable. This is an "ideas" play but the characters seem like real, somewhat complex people. I would love to see this play performed.
  • Flowers of Hawaii
    26 Jan. 2022
    This play is funny. The dialog is skillfully written to make the most of the gentle humor and overt humor and sheer amusement on almost every page. I enjoyed all the different ways it entertained me. I got the impression the playwright was enjoying herself when she wrote this. I would love to see it produced.
  • In This House
    23 Jan. 2022
    This is a compelling play that takes us to surprising places. The four characters are all strongly developed and they manage to draw us in even when they're doing things that are not admirable. The South Boston setting is vivid and believable. At the end, I was cheering all four of them on.
  • Sound Mind
    8 Sep. 2021
    This monologue is a good melding of comedy and melodrama, showing the character's personality and spunk in the end game: Sam is promising to be a handful even in the afterlife.
  • "I love parties"
    8 Sep. 2021
    I adored this monologue in the Hear Me Out Monologue Competition 2021--so much so that I wanted to read it and adore it some more. (And it's a pleasure to look at it on the page--its layout is different. Even the stage directions were fun to read.)

    Bravo for fully capturing a character and giving us her life story in just a few pages!
    19 Mar. 2021
    I love how this play takes three characters and makes us care for them and believe them and see multiple facets in them. An endearing play.
  • Dusk at Nine Joy Street
    23 Feb. 2021
    This is an excellent play, with the story unfolding nicely, gradually revealing more details about the three grief-stricken people. The characters are vivid and poignant. The play keeps you guessing until the very end, and the overtones linger.
  • Black Jesus
    15 May. 2020
    I saw this play in the Boston Theater Marathon (Zoom edition) this year and it was marvelous. Such an inventive story! And the characters were so touching. It's even better to me now that I've read it. A clever, meaningful play that lingers on the mind.
  • Slow Jam
    2 May. 2020
    This is a tender play that skillfully tells its story. At first, you don't know exactly what's happening with the characters, but then it becomes clear bit by bit. The compassion the characters have for each other is charming. I was on their side all the way.