Recommended by Vicki Meagher

    19 Mar. 2021
    I love how this play takes three characters and makes us care for them and believe them and see multiple facets in them. An endearing play.
  • Dusk at Nine Joy Street
    23 Feb. 2021
    This is an excellent play, with the story unfolding nicely, gradually revealing more details about the three grief-stricken people. The characters are vivid and poignant. The play keeps you guessing until the very end, and the overtones linger.
  • Black Jesus
    15 May. 2020
    I saw this play in the Boston Theater Marathon (Zoom edition) this year and it was marvelous. Such an inventive story! And the characters were so touching. It's even better to me now that I've read it. A clever, meaningful play that lingers on the mind.
  • Slow Jam
    2 May. 2020
    This is a tender play that skillfully tells its story. At first, you don't know exactly what's happening with the characters, but then it becomes clear bit by bit. The compassion the characters have for each other is charming. I was on their side all the way.
  • The Incubators
    26 Apr. 2020
    This clever satire is so funny it made me laugh out loud several times. It continually amuses and entertains. The characters are vivid and the playwright conveys a wickedly good sense of humor which is both dark and gentle at the same time. I would go out of my way to see this play in a production.
  • Baggage: Ten-Minute Play
    29 Jan. 2020
    This play is a skillfully written crowd-pleasing comedy. I saw it along with several other 10-minute plays in an evening of staged readings and it was the star play of the night. It's a one-idea play that is--simply hilarious! It's written so well that the comedy continually ratchets up, gaining energy instead of losing it. I'd love to see it again somewhere.
  • Impressions
    16 Jul. 2019
    This is a fun play skewering the art world. I can see it being entertaining and enlightening if staged as the playwright recommends ("Dialogue should be fastpaced, scene changes should be done with lighting."). It kept my attention and never got bogged down and I was continually curious about where it was going.
  • The Last Daughter
    22 Jun. 2019
    This is a surreal comedy about a woman who has The Most Valuable Reproductive System on Earth. It makes points about (non-surreal) life today, and has visual/theatrical elements that are compelling and entertaining. The relationship between the two sisters is sweet and tender, and they're both able to be creators--in their own separate ways.
  • Alban's Garden
    3 Jun. 2019
    I saw this play at a Parish Players (Thetford, VT) festival a few years ago and it's lingered on my mind. I finally read it and it's a great little play skillfully using dialog to advance the story and the tension. It could be used as a teaching tool: not a word wasted, not a flat spot in it.
  • Liquid Courage: A Monologue
    26 Feb. 2019
    Good monologue, just the right length. Tells a story, makes us care about the character. Does an excellent job of showing the confusion in a young college person who's earnestly trying to figure it all out. The confusion is juxtaposed nicely with the desire to be clear and accurate in the telling.