Recommended by Nick Malakhow

  • Footprint
    16 Jun. 2019
    I love the contemplative, irregular pacing and rhythm of this piece. The transitions between scenes are elegant, theatrical, and wonderfully incorporated into the action. The world is so distinct and established so well with just a few key characters! I also love the universal contemplation of grief, legacy, and moving forward in the digital age.
    15 Jun. 2019
    This is a briskly moving, beautiful piece. I love how the rules and expectations are set up right from the start and, slowly but surely, many of our initial guesses or preconceived notions are subverted. Highly theatrical and oftentimes surprising.
  • Alma Baya
    31 May. 2019
    Briskly moving and clever sci-fi parable. Darkly humorous and keeps you engaged with progressive surprises and well-timed expository information. The specificity and uniqueness of the characters combined with the open-endedness of their symbolic weight and meaning makes this a really intriguing piece for a director get their hands on! I hope to see this onstage some time soon!
  • Alond(R)a
    29 May. 2019
    What a beautiful play that is both tender with and fair to its nuanced teenage characters. Gloriously hilarious at certain points, heartbreaking at others, it is unpretentiously yet consistently profound in scope! The highly theatrical world of wrestling is also seamlessly integrated and so crucial to the piece. I can't wait to see an awesome production of this some day!
  • The Goodbye Levee
    22 May. 2019
    What I found most impressive about this wonderful piece was the way in which Mike Solomonson was able to make Celeste's disconnected, hallucinatory, hilarious, heartbreaking, and terrifying journey feel like a powerful and cohesive character arc and work of art. This reads as amazingly theatrical and would be an absorbing and entirely engaging experience as an audience member!
  • Rastus and Hattie
    18 May. 2019
    This piece is so brilliant in the way it melds dark satire with both intellectually provocative sentiments and deeply emotional human truths. It incorporates multiple theatrical devices effortlessly. While all the characters were superbly drawn, Needra's journey in particular was navigated with a poignant and pointed metaphorical exploration of ingrained cultural trauma and identity formation. Highly theatrical in the best way!
  • Recent Unsettling Events
    16 May. 2019
    An incisive and wonderfully structured exploration of privilege and of the precarious divide between power and powerlessness that young adults feel as they navigate issues of social justice and identity. With a deeply intersectional cross-section of characters, many perspectives are given their due and equal weight in the thorny, well-drawn, and both humorous and tragic discussions.
  • delicacy of a puffin heart
    15 May. 2019
    This was a beautiful and surprising read. I loved the way it seamlessly navigated throughout time and space with poignant transitions that truly aided the storytelling. A turning point a little more than halfway through really surprised me in a fabulous way, and the characters' unique and distinct identities were so well drawn.
  • Man Boobs
    15 Apr. 2019
    So very intimate, beautiful, and specific. Like the best "micro-level" stories, it plumbs many universal truths--truths about body image, shame, desire, and overcoming adolescent trauma--from a distinct point of view. Sexy, funny, sad. I'd love to see this onstage!
  • Up the Ladder, Down the Slide
    13 Apr. 2019
    A poignant and deeply intersectional look at family relationships, caretaking, grieving, and loss. Like all of my favorite plays in this sphere, plenty of very human laughs came along with the lyrical language, beautifully described stage pictures, and heartbreaking moments. Would love to see and experience this onstage, as the described visuals and sounds are vivid and distinct.