Recommended by Matt Barbot

  • An Awful Waste of Space
    8 Jul. 2020
    I love this play with all my heart. A stirring display of humanity when faced with the not-quite-human, it meant a lot to me to see this soon after Maria and it remains relevant now. A great, unusual role for a Latinx performer.
    3 Jan. 2020
    I love this play and I'm so happy it's available on NPX now. Human, suspenseful, relevant, absolutely essential.
  • Teeth
    3 Jan. 2020
    I teach this play to students because it's just so delightful, so surprising and inventive and well executed. Absolutely recommend this play to anyone, but particularly to anyone working with young people and eager to show them what's possible on stage and why we write plays to begin with.
  • I Wanna Fuck like Romeo and Juliet
    11 Nov. 2019
    A fantasia about the nature of love and how it transcends time and space. A reclamation of vulnerability, tenderness and passion for people of color in pain. A wonderful set of opportunities for designers, choreographers, and actors. Rincón has written an incredibly visual play that makes the internal external and will fill your entire stage with the beauty of human connection.
  • StoneHeart
    19 Jun. 2019
    Georgina Escobar is like a surrealist Sam Shepard created in a lab by Maria Irene Fornes and Caryl Churchill but they dropped a bunch of 50's pulp scifi in the vat by accident. And then STONEHEART is her somehow doing an incredible Chekhov impression on top of all that. A family play that exists within our reality and just beyond it.
  • Occupy Prescott
    10 Mar. 2019
    A heartbreaking, human meditation on the difficulty of getting things done and realizing a better world. A diverse, sympathetic cast of characters who are never quite who they first seem. Between the simplicity of staging and the depth and importance of what this play has to say, it should be an obvious pick for any season.
  • Behind the Sheet
    5 Mar. 2019
    A remarkably powerful play that gives voice and tribute to forgotten women. Every regional theater in the country should be programming this play for their seasons - it's a necessary work.
  • The Danger: A Homage to Strange Fruit
    13 Oct. 2018
    What a beautiful, truthful, painful play. Rose balances narratives here like a masterful juggler, drawing the audience through an ugly history as plotlines weave together in a dreamscape and build toward their horrible culmination. There's humor, too! And music! And dynamic characters that would be an awesome challenge for any actor! There's so much in this play that needs to be on more stages. I can't recommend it highly enough.
  • If You Give A Kid A Sucker
    22 Aug. 2018
    Not sure what I was expecting from this play's taboo themes, but I found myself so immersed in this painful, human play. Cain takes us to unexpected highs and lows, keeping us off balance and helping us to see the depth and humanity in an afflicted character who begs us, at every turn, to reject her, to find her revolting. When all is laid bare...can we?
  • The Found Dog Ribbon Dance
    17 Jul. 2018
    I had the pleasure of seeing this play produced at the Echo Theater. It's not often you see a play these days committed to sincerity and beauty and the small clockwork intricacies of human interaction, but this play delivers such a wonderful, odd, painfully true look at how people mesh with people. What's more, the play offers wonderful opportunities for a few powerhouse actors, including the vibrant role for the woman at the center.