Recommended by Matt Barbot

  • Sheltered
    26 Nov. 2017
    A wonderful play that is, unfortunately, very timely. Alix Sobler's harrowing play examines the difficult decisions people are forced to make in times of crisis, and how just a few people can change the lives of many.
  • RABIOSA: An Ode to Hurricane Maria
    26 Nov. 2017
    I don't know what else to say except I saw this piece performed and I cried and laughed and cheered and it's so powerful and just read it, okay?
    26 Nov. 2017
    This play is beautiful and poetic and taboo and painful and human - all the hallmarks I've come to expect from Gina Femia's work.
    26 Nov. 2017
    Had the pleasure of being involved in a developmental reading of this play. Think "Circle Mirror Transformation" for the 9-5 set, a story of the connections even people who see each other every day can still make with each other...or mess up completely.
  • How Do You Say, Hola
    12 Oct. 2017
    A beautiful short about communicating across generations in immigrant households, and the power of words no matter the language. The ending made me a little misty.
  • A La Roro
    12 Oct. 2017
    A really incredible young audiences play that manages to be timely and political at the same time. That's not a mark against it, of course: for many young people today, their age can't shield them from the questions of identity and belonging facing them in school and on the news. A beautiful, simply play about growing up bicultural, and forging your own third path.
  • Neighbors: A Fair Trade Agreement
    26 Sep. 2017
    A brilliant, funny, heartbreaking play that, unfortunately, seems to become more timely with each passing day.
  • Black Super Hero Magic Mama
    21 Jul. 2017
    At turns funny and heartbreaking, BSHMM is a beautiful, timely play about coping in the face of reality-shattering loss. I'm so excited to see this play's trajectory.
  • The Violet Sisters
    28 Apr. 2017
    Had the pleasure of hearing this play while it was being developed. An incredible relationship between sisters who delve deep into the complexities that make two people family. A great piece for two powerhouse women.
  • Metro Psalm
    25 Apr. 2017
    A magical look at an everyday occurrence.