Recommended by Matt Barbot

  • you do not look
    24 Apr. 2017
    Had the honor of seeing this play throughout its development - a haunting, beautiful, and often very funny dive into one woman's journey to discovering her purpose.
  • Girl Becomes Bone
    24 Apr. 2017
    A bracing story of the things we hold sacred, and the things we can't take with us.
  • The Mermaids' Parade
    24 Apr. 2017
  • Ondine's Curse
    24 Apr. 2017
    Just saw this play read at this year's KCACTF - a beautiful riff on love, gender roles, and how fairytales don't always do a great job of preparing us for life.
  • Absence Makes the Heart... (A Play in Monologues Inspired by The Red Shoes)
    24 Apr. 2017
    Saw this play read at this year's KCACTF! Lush and deep, with opportunities for a huge, diverse cast.