Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

A girl from Philadelphia, half Korean, half German (at least my parents like cabbage). My plays contain Kim Jong-Il, dreamscapes, tumblr, Korean dramas, dating apps, magic, astrology, Hello Kitty, ghosts, race and the sense of belonging, lovers, love, and luv.

I choose to activate my humor to invite the audience in and give them a palatable way to see the darker corridors of the universal and specific.

I view my playworlds as my own personal Wes Anderson movies, panning linearly across a warm, saturated cityscape. It’s an Alice in Wonderland existence where structure falls away but a consuming desire to find belonging prevails. I give life to the stories of Korean mothers, white grandmas, evil dictators, lost lovers, bright children, dying Chinatowns, and punk rock goddesses.

I want to help fill the desperate need and incredible opportunity for Asian American actors to explore stories written for them and about their experiences and their cultural heritage by Asian American playwrights.

I make plays that are whimsical, comedic, curious, and AZN. I stand at the crossroads of Charles Mee, David Henry Hwang, Twyla Tharp, Amy Tan, and Mariah Carey. I stand at this crossroad and order a lemondrop shot.