Recommended by Stephanie Kyung Sun Walters

  • Apologies to Lorraine Hansberry (You Too August Wilson)
    12 Aug. 2020
    The structure of this play is dynamic and challenging. It is an exploration of identity and race in America that I would be humbled to see onstage. The world building and character relationships are flawless - Lynett's craft is glowing!!!
  • performing class
    21 Jul. 2020
    Choi crafts a dynamic and physical exploration of class and exploitation. I enjoyed the use of occupation, family, and obligation to highlight each character's needs for financial or artistic stability. I felt like I was in a theatre mash up of "Parasite" and "Crazy Rich Asians" - and I mean that in the absolute best way. A fast and thrilling play!
  • Honey Bee Baby
    9 Mar. 2019
    This near-future examination of our world is truly chilling. Ortiz builds a world so intricate and stunning! HONEY BEE BABY asks questions about reproductive rights in a hyper-political future, while raising awareness about our dwindling natural resources. Ortiz uses humor and magic in order to raise a mirror up to the audience.
  • Good Cuban Girls
    9 Mar. 2019
    GOOD CUBAN GIRLS is a fiery and heartfelt look at inter-generational women. Reilly observes Cuban and Cuban-American culture in an honest and comical way, showcasing the differences in the American-born experience. Magical moments between Marisol and her abuela root the play in faith and poetry while the relationship between Marisol and her white boyfriend, Todd, bring an element of comedy and specificity to the American-born/immigrant-kid identity.
    9 Mar. 2019
    A triumphant exploration of contemporary collegiate and race relations. Espinoza uses her skill and wit to craft a magical world that illuminates the social and political issues of today. HOMERIDAE employs ancient myths, contemporary technology, modern politics, and magical realism to weave a tale that you'll be thinking about long after the final line.