Recommended by Ian August

  • Hazardous Materials
    17 Mar. 2019
    What an absolute treat to read. Ms. Kander has imagined a scenario that, while outwardly straightforward, required a masterfully adept hand to write. Hazardous Materials is a treatise on the pain of otherness and the power of forgiveness. A beautiful play.
  • The Bottle Tree
    16 Mar. 2019
    Smart, current, and powerful without being maudlin, THE BOTTLE TREE is a beautifully crafted coming of age story set in suburban Mississippi, in a community devastated by gun violence. It expertly examines the lasting effects of school shootings, but Kander walks a fine line like a trained acrobat, delivering a play that is political without being accusatory. The characters are rich and flawed and colorful. It's a fantastic play.
  • Apple Season
    11 Jan. 2019
    Lewis has crafted a powerful and poignant story of three people trapped by their own tortured histories, searching for an escape hatch that neither fight nor flight may provide. The monologues are gorgeous, the tensions are palpable, and the silences speak volumes. This play is stunningly crafted; a powerful piece for three young actors who want to dig deep.
    8 Dec. 2018
    Love it. Love this play. It's funny and dark and goes in completely unexpected directions. Perfect for holiday comedy festivals.
    8 Dec. 2018
    What's remarkable about Mr. Wyndham's work is his facility with voice, and JAX is no exception. But the playwright also manages to tap into something culturally essential with his creation: There is a gorgeous optimism laced into the traumatic events Jax has experienced, an optimism that seems so crucial--not only to Jax himself, but to the larger struggles of the trans community. Great piece.
  • Wish Fulfillment
    8 Dec. 2018
    This sucker punch of a coming out story reveals in its clever structure myriad levels of fear and, alternatively, strength that can emerge from this difficult situation. Mr. Simpatico heightens the terror of possibility--not only for the son, but for the father as well. A really smart and challenging play for any company looking to produce LGBTQ stories.
  • Primary User
    1 Nov. 2018
    This play is a force. Masterfully constructed and executed, Eppler is able to tap into some universal truths about how we process death. It is touching, it is honest, it also has moments that are funny AF, and it is absolutely ready for production. And the monologues!--actresses will be delivering these monologues at auditions until theater as we know it ends. Eppler is brilliant. This play is beautiful. Do it.
    24 Oct. 2018
    A gorgeous and effective short piece by Stephanie Alison Walker. It's a master class on economy; not a wasted word in the bunch! It's emotional, it's funny, it's theatrical--the perfect little play. Read this play, produce this play, love this play.
    23 Oct. 2018
    It is a true master who can break your heart and then stitch it up again, which is what Ms. Walker has accomplished here in the Abuelas. A rich exploration of the act of forgiveness. I am so glad this play exists. Read THE MADRES, then pick your jaw off the ground and read THE ABUELAS. Rinse; Repeat.
  • Pumpkin
    19 Oct. 2018
    OMG, this play is SO MUCH FUN. The jokes are fast and furious and the satire is sharp. Perfect for any short play fest.