Recommended by Ian August

    2 Jun. 2017
    Mr. White's play FIXED is a dramatic departure from his previous work--it is far more intentional than his family comedy BLOOD, or his mysterious satire SLIPPERY AS SIN. FIXED accomplishes two things expertly--it is entertaining and engaging in the way only Mr. White can be, but it is also informative and stimulating. The character of Ronnie, who suffers from schitzoaffective disorder, is gorgeously realized--terrifying, pitiful, strong, romantic--she is probably one of the most fully realized characters in Mr. White's impressive canon.
  • Samuraization: How to Eat Your Sushi & Have it, Too!
    2 Jun. 2017
    Ms. Scooter has an innate ability to cut through the garbage and find the heart of any play. In Samuraization, she delves into our collective fear of death, and frames it in the context of Yukio Mishima. But Ms. Scooter does not give us a dry history lesson--her analysis is personal and engaging and uplifting and revealing. A true tour de force.
  • The Festial Quartet - a play for Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass
    2 Jun. 2017
    I love this play. Touchingly honest and tragically funny--there is something achingly authentic about White's voice in this play. A potent examination of the power of faith and friendships.
  • Song of Extinction
    1 Sep. 2015
    Absolutely beautiful examination of life and loss. EM Lewis touches on the pieces of us that are our most vulnerable, and also the most strong.
  • The Unfortunates
    19 Jan. 2015
    A riveting one-woman show--Ms. Stratford really captures the darkness of Victorian-era London. Fantastic play for any small regional company!
    19 Jan. 2015
    Absolutely gorgeous. This play is emotionally challenging in the best way possible.
    19 Jan. 2015
    This play is absolutely hilarious! David Lee White has managed to take the uncomfortable family dinner play and crank it up to eleven! Sharp and edgy and also sweet and endearing.
  • The Gun Show
    19 Jan. 2015
    Deeply personal and yet universally relevant. This play is a riveting exploration of America's love/hate relationship with guns.