Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

I create stories that center queer characters & queer stories. I do not focus on queer trauma, instead, I focus on queer life, queer joy, queer love. Typically, all the characters in my plays claim a queer identity. I also seek to queer the play itself, to queer the theatrical experience.

I believe:
- The page is my canvas.
- Stage directions are as theatrical and meaningful as the spoken text.
- In embracing ritual, much like the Radical Faeries. 
- Lists are theatrical; the same goes for scientific thoughts.
- Collage is powerful; juxtaposition can be electric.
- Plays are living pieces of visual art.
- In monologues — let those characters grapple with existential and interpersonal conflicts in big blocks of text!
- Text can be looped, repeated, and rearranged.
- It all goes outward; worlds are mercurial.
- Above all else, be playful. 

I strive to:
- Push myself to expand past realism, lean into dream logic, and build imaginative playscapes with looser laws of physics.
- Expand upon the traditions of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company, and in doing so, create things so ridiculous they double back and becomes serious.
- Uphold Poor Theatre values.
- Uphold Bread & Puppet's Cheap Art Manifesto.

Current challenge: 

I am seeking to rid my writing of cynicism. It can be alluring, but it is stealthily destructive and stagnating. I am challenging myself to replace cynicism with expansiveness, with delight and wonder where appropriate, with possibility.