Recommended by Jacqueline Goldfinger

    4 Nov. 2019
    I love this play. It's heartbreaking, shocking, and funny by turns. You'll fall in love with characters that you never even expected to even like, and feel the deep emotional toll that structural racism takes on a family - without the play ever being preachy or condescending. Someone needs to produce this play ASAP.
  • AZUL
    13 Oct. 2019
    Gorgeous new play about love, loss, and hope. A Must Read.
  • Good Cuban Girls
    13 Oct. 2019
    Terrific new play about a family struggling with their own cultural and generational boundaries. Told with humor and love, which makes it spark off the page in lovely and unexpected ways. Must Read.
  • LISTEN! THE RIVER (full length)
    8 Aug. 2019
    A gently funny, and loving, new play about love and acceptance. By putting human issues into the mouths of cats, and cat-sized, concerns this play gives you a terrific new perspective on love and life.
  • Yellowstone
    2 Jul. 2019
    I completely agree with the playwright when she writes "The tone is kind of a 'Cloud 9', 'True West' and 'Killer Joe' love child." However, I would also say that it is completely unique, modern, and in the playwright's own voice. She doesn't simply rely on mimicking these writers, she takes themes of reality and identity that they were playing with, and moves those conversations to the next level. Highly recommend you read this!
  • Recent Unsettling Events
    17 Apr. 2019
    In this powerful and electrifying drama, Stolowitz tackles challenging questions with incisive humor, fierce heart, and intellectual tenacity. Do yourself a favor, and read this play!
  • Blind Crest
    22 Feb. 2019
    A sharp, haunting, and necessary read, this play goes beyond the sensational headlines of prison love stories to explore the real, longing, loving, aching people who are caught in a system that betrays us - no matter what side of the bars we live on.
    22 Feb. 2019
    A beautiful, moving play that reminds us that sexual assault is not a modern phenomenon, and why the #MeToo movement is so important - both for today and in memory of those whose struggles were never recognized.
    18 Dec. 2018
    I love it when brilliant poets write plays! STARRY NIGHT is a funny, heartbreaking, and poetic force to be reckoned with by readers. I love these characters. The play digs deep into complex questions about how to define freedom in a modern, global society.
    18 Dec. 2018
    I had the pleasure of watching this play evolve during the PlayPenn New Play Conference. This beautiful, funny, moving new play is a unique approach to the topic of environmental dangers. Full of promise and possibility, these characters burst off the page with life and heart.