Recommended by Jacqueline Goldfinger

    3 Mar. 2022
    I love this play. It needs to be produced now! It is speaking to how our society is evolving in the understanding of gender roles, sexuality, identity, and love in a way that is passionate, articulate, and true. Most plays in this vein are didactic, and this is not. This playwright understand that these topics are a matter of both the heart and the head, and balances those two sensibilities brilliantly. This will speak directly to what audience members are wrestling with NOW and needs to be staged today.
  • Parts of Parts & Stitches
    27 Feb. 2022
    I love this play. Poetic and poignant. An all encompassing experience of fear, love, and hope. Very highly recommend!
  • Essential Reading for This Moment in History
    6 Feb. 2022
    So glad Walsh is back with a new play! His dialogue punches through the page, his characters are deftly complex and so compelling that you cannot stop reading, and his imagination soars as he fades from waking life to sleeping life, and back again. I cannot wait to see this on-stage!
  • Apocalypse Dating Play
    30 Jan. 2022
    APOCALYPSE has it all. Well-written characters, thoughtful social commentary, terrific comedic moments, and love. The synopsis says that it has a "drive to find hope the midst of hopelessness" which is exactly what we need right now as we go into yet another year of COVID craziness. Hope as a thing with feathers but also with complex questions, imperfect characters, and truthful humor. This play should be on stages across he country.
  • The Dummy Class
    27 Jan. 2022
    Produce this play now! A heartfelt show that both kids and adults will love. Plus it’s entertaining. Plus it teaches wonderful lessons about kindness, difference, and appreciation. Take all my money. I want to see it onstage today. Highly Recommend!
  • Pandora's Suitcase
    27 Jan. 2022
    I cannot wait to take my family to a production of this play. My kids will love the whimsy and adventure, and I will enjoy all of the winks to the grown-ups in the room. Funny, educational, and emotionally captivating, I highly recommend this play!
  • If nobody does remarkable things
    27 Jan. 2022
    Love this honest look at climate change through the lens of complex, knotty, all too human relationships. Most climate change plays are ineffective because they are more interested in facts than people. Gibson forefronts the people so her play is vibrant and entertaining while provoking important conversation about the climate crisis. Highly recommend!
  • Carroll County Fix
    27 Jan. 2022
    This is a play we need on stages NOW. Funny, irreverent, and provocative - a study of rural America that will change the way you see our entire country. Highly Recommend!
  • Return
    27 Jan. 2022
    Moving, funny, and thoughtful. Does exactly what theater should do - entertain, provoke, and leave you talking long after the curtain goes does. Highly Recommend!
  • Apologies to Lorraine Hansberry (You Too August Wilson)
    18 Jul. 2021
    Very highly recommend this play! Produce it ASAP. Funny, frightening, intelligent, witty, and overall brilliant. A conversation for right now.