Recommended by Jacqueline Goldfinger

  • Alabaster
    31 Jul. 2018
    This writer is on fire. Just read THE GULF and ALABASTER and highly recommend them both. She brings the heat and hunger of passion on-stage in new, exciting ways. She beautifully balances the pathos and humor of the relationships so that you are engaged and moved, and left satisfied by the end.
  • The Folks at Home
    31 Jul. 2018
    I can’t remember the last play that made me laugh so hard that I cried, and also made me think so deeply. The writer achieves a brilliant balance challenging expectations around the ways we think about gentrification, aging, and familial responsibility - and - entertaining us with his wit and the loving fallibility of his characters. I know this play is still in-process but I cannot wait to see the final draft and full production. Can I buy tickets now? Someone take my money, please.
  • The House On The Hill
    31 Jul. 2018
    A stunning new work by an incredibly talented writer who understands that the underpinning of any tragedy is the love lost, hope abandoned, and struggle to return to everyday life. The writer creates four deeply compelling characters who make us laugh and cry, feel and question our own relationship to our extended family - what does blood mean? how much loyalty is owed family, especially after an unforgivable betrayal? This writer has provided both the enticing mystery of the event combined with a nuanced and rich understanding of the emotional breakage and rebirth of a soul.
  • Watch Me Jump
    30 Jul. 2018
    I cannot wait for this play to be produced! An incredibly entertaining play that also investigates important conversations like the role of women in our popular culture, and how everyone contributes to this, often limited, role. This talented writer has done a phenomenal job drawing us into a humorous, loving, challenging and complex world - and creating characters that lived in my imagination long after I left the theater. As a non-sports knowledgeable person, I loved it. And as a sports-person, my husband felt the same. It really is a play for everyone.
    11 Mar. 2016
    Gorgeous language, and a smart, intense look at being an outcast in high school (but, really, an outcast on the margins of any highly structured society). This is one to read!
    11 Mar. 2016
    Stephen's GANTRY GIRLS touch upon forbidden moments so often hidden from polite society which explode on the stage with a visceral, raw reality that knocks you back in your seat. Would someone finally please have the audacity to produce this play.
  • The Luckiest People
    20 Jan. 2016
    I love listening to Meridith's characters. Honest, true, funny, shocking, loving... I could have watched them all night!
  • Last Night and the Night Before
    20 Jan. 2016
    I had the pleasure of seeing SAM (LAST NIGHT AND THE NIGHT BEFORE) read twice; at NNPN and Orlando Shakes. Both times I was moved to call my own sister afterwards and tell her that I loved and missed her. All of the relationships in SAM are moving but the core sister relationship is true and deep and painful and funny in a way that we rarely see on-stage. I highly recommend this play.