Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

Straddling the line between humor and suspense
Seamlessly weaving together the magical and the mundane
I love poetic language and poop jokes.


My plays combine fierce intellectual drive and deep emotional insights into the nature of friendship and the intersections of identity, work relationships, and family history.

I am on the hunt for the exact rhythm of five-people-talking-over-each-other-about-absolutely-nothing. It’s an endless puzzle. I love writing plays that celebrate/confront group relationships. I want the audience to feel like they’re simultaneously being let in to a secret club, and running to catch up with what’s happening.

My work is filled with rapid-fire Humor Sandwiches - poop joke, emotional realization, poop joke.

I’m interested in what continual physical presence does to an atmosphere — the impact of silence on stage over time.

I love riding that high-wire between despair and dad humor. I obsess over finding moments in life where the magical and mundane rub right up against each other. I love writing impossible moments in to my plays: "200 dead horses fall from the sky. She turns inside out. They dance underwater."

I’m here to share the way it feels to be in a body, to celebrate queerness and being alive.