Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart (he, she, they) Playwright & Screenwriter) is presently surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic. His one-man show-JESUS IN A BEEHIVE-THE LAST TEMPTATION OF MITCHELL PANTENE (PICK OF THE WEEK BY THE NY TIMES) ran in NYC and in Philly’s Gay & Lesbian Theater Festival.

His A MEMORY PLAY was produced by The WorkShop Theater Company and was “Best of the Festival” at The Mid-Town...
Bob Stewart (he, she, they) Playwright & Screenwriter) is presently surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic. His one-man show-JESUS IN A BEEHIVE-THE LAST TEMPTATION OF MITCHELL PANTENE (PICK OF THE WEEK BY THE NY TIMES) ran in NYC and in Philly’s Gay & Lesbian Theater Festival.

His A MEMORY PLAY was produced by The WorkShop Theater Company and was “Best of the Festival” at The Mid-Town International Theater Festival.

His modern tragedy, AMERICAN INHERITANCE was a Finalist for The Kennedy Center’s Fund For New American Plays and as an AEA Industry Reading with Tom Wopat and Angelica Page.

Other full lengths plays included ALL YOU CAN EAT, ( a sequel to A MEMORY PLAY with the characters at 80.)

A pen-pal, con-artist comedy about two girlfriends of scam-creating parents called BONE TO PICK.

His CHICKEN & EGG SOUP have been produced in NYC, RI, KY, WA, GA, & NJ.

His BETHESDA & FABULOUS DARSHAN were showcased at The Workshop Theater.

His BETHESDA was just published by FLEAS ON A DOG Publishing.

FABULOUS DARSHAN was chosen as one of the “Top Plays of the Year” by INDIE THEATER NOW. It was also a Fundraiser Reading for Schenectady Light Opera with the original NYC cast, and in the CELEBRATION THEATRE’s READING SERIES in L.A..

His comedy/drama CAROL OF CARROLL GARDENS was chosen for BROADWAY-CON's Reading Series, THE CLAMOUR THEATRE's WATER & CLAY Playwriting Retreat in FLA, THE DEPOT's NEW PLAY READING SERIES in CT, as an AEA Equity Reading with Tony-Winner Karen Ziemba in NYC, and as a Zoom Reading with the Clamour Theater Company again in Aug 2020.

His dark, one-act LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY was produced on a special AEA/SAG contract as it was made into a Zoom-Hybrid Movie by Out Of The Box Theatrics, The HolmDale Theatre Company, and was directed by Fredi Walker Browne.

A reading of Mr. Stewart's and writing partner, Jeff Zelmanski's musical book; THE UNTITLED 1969 MUSICAL PROJECT IN BETHYL NY, (an historical retelling of the epic concert in Aug of 1969) was produced by The Patchogue Theatre. That work-in-progress got a standing ovation! Thank you Patchogue Theater!

After 3 years of research, Mr. Stewart & Jeff Zelmanski just completed a unique theater-piece called NEW YORK STORIES FROM MY UNCLE ELLIOTT-ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, ILLICIT. Designed for eight, racially diverse actors, it uses narration, one-act plays, playlets, and monologues to tell multiple stories that span over a century. All searching for a portion of "NYC's Queer-DNA." Using historical fiction to tell the illegal, little known stories of average homosexual men, (we nicknamed them "ELLIOTT") who lived, loved, thrived, hid, fought, supported by allies, and died to help queer-life survive.

Screenplays Sci-Fi Thriller: PROJECT #6, A slacker comedy:CRACKER SLACKER. A teen-comedy: DRAMA CLUB.

One-Act Plays Upon Request.


    A Meta-Comedy about a single, unsuccessful, playwright who claims: "I'm writing a big hit in the popular theatrical form of an upbeat memory play." Restaging his parent's, (STEVE & JUDY from ALL YOU CAN EAT) wedding day, (creating a play within a play) he explains the only way to end this play upbeat is to take his parent’s horrible marriage and make certain that they never marry each other.
    A MEMORY PLAY's, (STEVE & JUDY) are now in their late 70's. Divorced for years, newly widowed Steve, waits in a Salad Bar's back-dining room to meet Judy. Steve apologizes for making their marriage disastrous, and for a drunken incident that almost happened with their, (at the time) 12 year old daughter. They meet there in the Spring and into the Fall, to stumble towards forgiveness & hope.
    CAROL OF CARROLL GARDENS is a magic realism comedy about a single, Baby-Boomer, curmudgeon, (CAROL) who's managing her health issues. Narrated by three unexpected characters, her journey's supported by her younger, caregiver with Aspergers, (SCOTTY). All helped along by an overworked Oncologist, a comatose father, healing dreams, and an ever-changing nursing staff. All to help lead CAROL to place she's never been before.
    In a transient study, a determined doctor interviews a retired military man, who's disturbed by memories of a crime he committed years ago and got away with. Told using only six actors, six chairs, and performed in "out-of-time-sequences," the doctor reveals the friends and family's distorted compliancy about the tragic abuse of male entitlement.
    FABULOUS DARSHAN moves around the mind of a very routined Ken Satchel, (a middle-age, HIV Survivor, African-American, Broadway Character-Actor with a deep spiritual life and an incredible love of camp movies). Ken's solace is his daily meditations with an Hindu god who helps a wary KEN to be more fearless. Suddenly his routine is turned upside down when he befriends a trust-funded, young, actor from Wisconsin, named Stu.
  • JESUS IN A BEEHIVE! (The Last Temptation of Mitchell Pantene)
    Setting up a NYC salon, a southern hairdresser/part-time Drag Queen awakens under his hairdryer. He states he’s channeling Jesus & the Second Coming. He confides that he is a "Spiritual Warrior with a message" who is gonna graduate to an even higher heavenly realm in 90 minutes. (If he can keep from getting so “emotionally involved” with the world this time.) And so a makeover begins!
  • Stephen, Jeffery, and David Save Dreamworks!
    In a greenroom in the Glendale CA’s Arts Center before an important Press Conference in 2000, David Geffen demands that his partner Jeffery Katzenberg admit to bankrupting their Dreamworks Studio with his flop, ROAD TO EL DORADO. Jeffery never admits his failures. David will not go back out to the Press’ microphones until he coerces their 3rd partner, Stephen Spielberg to make Jeffery confess his weakness or else!
  • Vanderbilt's Folly
    1868's historical spiritualist/sister-scammers, Victoria Woodhull & Tenne Chaflin are visiting widowed, arrogant, billionaire, Cornelius Vanderbilt. They've planned a fake séance to make Vanderbilt ask Tenne to marry. Unfortunately, Victoria's having visitations from a real spirit that frightens her and is uncontrollable. The fake seance becomes real as that Spirit tells Vanderbilt things that he never wanted to hear.
    Two young, Iraqi War Vets are in the navel hospital, Bethesda. Bedridden, they play their ongoing game of “Gross Out,” as they wait for their visiting mothers to return from a smoke-break. Playing their game reveals the poverty and neglect of their upbringings and how they survived a bombing while driving officers in Iraq. They love that they will now be war heroes. They hear their mothers returning and hope to prove that to be so.
    In a Food Court at a local mall, an elderly woman/cancer survivor and her adult daughter await at a Food Court table. The elderly woman is exhausted from Chemo and her controlling daughter. They await having their 1st meeting with a strange man who is the son the elderly woman gave up for adoption when she was 15 years old. The son appears. All discover a part of themselves that they never knew they had in this tender play of redemption.